On a return trip to Olympus, you can find another collectible side quest. Go to Agora and into the main square. A little boy will be standing next to a stall full of figurines. He asks you to find 5 golden Hercules figures and bring them back to him. They can be found throughout the world.


kh3 gold herc 1

The first one can be found nearby. In Agora there is a sea serpent fountain to the left of the save point. Go into the door behind it and keep following the trail until you enter a large room. The figure will be standing near some boxes in the corner.


kh3 gold herc 2

The next one is located in the Gardens. As you’re running through them, look for three holes dug into the ground. The figure is in the largest one.


kh3 gold herc 3

Number 3 is also in the Gardens. Continue through them until you find a blonde man standing outside of a room. Go inside and look at the wall to you left as soon as you enter to find it sitting on a bench.


kh3 gold herc 4

This one is a little trickier to see. In the overlook, find the path that leads you to a bunch of red roofs. Look across from the last roof to see a stone pillar you can access. Jump onto it and the figure will be lying near the edge.


kh3 gold herc 5

The final figure is right near the Overlook save point. Go towards the benches and you should see it.

That’s all of them! Return to the boy in Agora and he will give you a Hero’s Belt.