Detroit Become Human is one of the biggest games to come out this year (so far), but as with many of David Cage’s creations, there are a lot of unanswered questions. One of those is Elijah Kamski, creator of the androids we’ve all come to love throughout the game.

Fan theories about this guy range from him being the savior to him being the bad guy, but I have a different theory: he’s kind of a brat.

This may seem odd, but from everything I’ve read and videos I’ve watched surrounding Kamski, it’s the only thing that makes sense. He doesn’t really care about Cyberlife or the androids, he’s in it only for himself.

Let’s Start at the Beginning…


In the video short titled ‘The Interview’, which can be unlocked in the extras menu of DBH, we get to see the first time Cyberlife ever opened its doors to the public. This is when Kamski is still working for the company, as he is the one conducting the interview.

One of the questions he’s asked is whether he’s afraid of the machines gaining higher intelligence and confronting their masters. He claims that it’s an irrational fear and that they will always obey their masters.

The Disagreement

One of the big mysteries surrounding Kamski is why he left Cyberlife, and I think it plays a large role in his involvement with the game.

I think Cyberlife is rA9. Or, at least, they created the virus that causes androids to believe in rA9. I’ll dive further into this train of thought in another blog, but essentially they designed the virus for control.

You see evidence of this if Connor deviates and Markus leads a successful revolution. There is a conversation between Connor and Amanda where she tells him that his mission was always to deviate so that they could control him and murder Markus, thus having control over the deviants.

So how does this relate to Kamski?

I don’t think Kamski liked Cyberlife’s plan. He just wanted to create androids, not get into a political battle over them. When Cyberlife refused to back down he left, but not before adding in something to potentially mess up their plans.



During the ‘Public Enemy’ chapter, Connor has the option to scan Markus in the video he broadcasted from the tower. If he does so, you discover that Kamski gave Markus to Carl as a personal gift. This is interesting for a couple of reasons.

  1. Kamski knew Carl was the perfect person to “raise” Markus. He knew Carl would condition him to think for himself, thus allowing him to later lead the revolution.
  2. Kamski had planned the revolution from the start. This may make it seem like he was helping Cyberlife, since that was also their intention, but he planned on the deviants not cooperating the way Cyberlife wanted. I mean, who would know how the androids would react better than their creator?

The Backdoor

In the chapter ‘Meet Kamski’, Connor and Hank (or just Connor depending on your relationship with Hank) goes to ask Kamski about what he knows of deviancy. There are two ways this conversation can go down:

  • Connor can shoot Chloe, thus disappointing Kamski but learning what he knows
  • Connor can spare Chloe, surprising Kamski, but learning nothing.

In the end Kamski will tell you the same thing as you leave, that he always leaves an emergency exit in all his programs.

That is why he’s so important to the plot. That backdoor was his gift to the androids.

That’s also why he’s so delighted if Connor shows empathy to the Chloe model. It means that Cyberlife’s plan has a greater chance to fail. Connor isn’t properly executing his mission by sparing Chloe, and that’s exactly what Kamski wants. He knows that if Cyberlife fails, he’ll get his company back.

Learning this piece of vital information is the turning point in the game with Connor if he makes it that far. If you see the scene between Connor and Amanda (the one referenced above where Amanda tells Connor that his mission was to deviate all along), you have the chance to find the ’emergency exit’ Kamski mentioned. Finding it in time allows Connor to fight off cyberlife’s control, allowing the revolution to finish successfully.

As long as Cyberlife doesn’t win, Kamski is happy.

Kamski Secret Ending


There is an ending you can unlock if you don’t allow any of the three main characters to get to the ‘Crossroads’ and ‘Battle for Detroit’ chapters in the game. Doing so gives you the Kamski ending.

What this means is that Cyberlife failed. They failed to control the uprising or use it to make a bigger profit, thus asking Kamski to return as CEO and agree to let him run the company as he originally planned. You only see this if everything fails, but it’s unknown whether he takes over the company if Cyberlife fails in general.

In Conclusion…

Does this make Kamski a bad person? Who knows really, but I strongly believe his intentions were settled around his desire for his company. It makes sense because, as we’ve seen, he hates people, choosing to live with only androids after leaving the company. Getting mixed up in a power struggle wasn’t something he had ever wanted.

Let me know what you think in the comments! Do you agree with my theory or do you think Kamski had other motives?

Either way, thanks for reading!!