There are a crazy amount of collectibles in this newest God of War game, one of them being artifacts! Every region has its own unique set and below I will show you where to the Wildwoods set.

Wildwoods – 4 Total Artifacts

This is the area around Kratos’ home. There are 4 total to be found, the first of which is located in his front yard!


GOW Art 1-3

GOW Art 2-3

Before exiting the front gates, make a right and look along the rock wall for a shining dot.

GOW Art 3-3


The second one can be found at a set of stone stairs you come across by continuing along the main story.

GOW Art 1 - 2.1

When facing the stairs, run over to the left side of them to find the artifact in the snow.

GOW Art 1-2.2

GOW Art 1-2.3


At some point through your journey you may have seen a golden chain in the distance. Explore a bit and you should find it.

GOW Art 1-3.1

Climb down the chain and fight the wolves at the bottom. The artifact is on the right side after sliding down (to the right if you’re facing the chain).

GOW Art 1-3.2

GOW Art 3.3


The final piece can be found once you’ve entered the old temple structure. In the area where you must pull the chains in order to continue, turn to the back of the area and you’ll see a door.

GOW Art 1-4.1

Go through, fight the wolves, and pick up the final piece. It is sitting in the snow up by the bridge next to a corpse.

GOW Art 1-4.2