Yakuza 6 is here! And with it comes a whole lot of new side quests (sub-stories). This is one of the first ones you encounter within the game.

Chapter 1

Snapshot 1 (4-25-2018 2-21 PM)

When you get some free time within the first chapter, head over to the Children’s Park located in the North – West corner of your map. Interact with the mother and child and activate the story.

Snapshot 2 (4-25-2018 2-23 PM)

Talk to the girl and she will tell you why she’s so upset. When she’s finished, head over to Don Quixote.

Snapshot 3 (4-25-2018 2-25 PM)

Talk to the store clerk when you arrive and ask him about Haruka merch. He will send you to your next location: Club Sega (the one near Theater Square).

Snapshot 4 (4-25-2018 2-27 PM)

Find the Haruka fan upstairs and when he asks you a trivia question, choose “So Much More!” He will point you in the direction of Ebisu Pawn, so go on over.

Snapshot 5 (4-25-2018 2-30 PM)

We have finally found the item! But it’ll cost you $50,000 so be sure to have enough money. Purchase the merch and head back to the park!

Snapshot 6 (4-25-2018 2-32 PM)

Give the girl the picture and she will run off. Return to the same park a little while later and she will present you with a drawing. That finishes up the story!

Snapshot 7 (4-25-2018 2-34 PM)


0 Strength / +15 Agility / +21 Spirit / +95 Technique / +104 Charm