Episode Ignis is by far my favorite DLC to come out of the FFXV franchise so far! One of the trophies you can acquire is for finding a number of documents scattered around Altissia during the first chapter of the game.

There are a total of 15 documents / key items to find. I will be listing them in order according to the list you can look at in the game’s menu screen.

#1 – Proposal for Operation: Tidequeler

Ignis #1

Ignis location #1

This first document is found in the North-west section of the map. It is sitting on some boxes under a dark awning.

#2 – Petition for MA-X Aureus Changes

Ignis #2

Ignis #2 location

Go directly to the opposite corner of the map from the last document (All the way South – West). This clipboard is on a table under a white awning.

#3 – Broken Magitek Core

Ignis #3

Ignis location #3

Find the mid-Western part of the map, near the water where a Nif airship has crashed. In the rubble near the small bridge is a magitek core you can pick up.

#4 – Magitek Rifle

Ignis #4

Ignis location #4

From the first item, go to across the water to the right. You will see some downed troopers scattered around a building. The rifle is lying on the ground near a bench.

#5 – Magitek Appendage

Ignis #5

Ignis location #5

Starting from where you found the Magitek core, head right towards the center of the area and climb up to the roof tops. You’ll see a stone building with a window on fire. To the right of that is a ledge Ignis can grapple to. The appendage is there.

#6 – Magitek Axe

Ignis #6

Ignis location #6

Go to the North – East side of your map and find the long curved bridge. To the right of it near some rubble you’ll see more dead troopers. The axe is there next to a building.

#7 – Imperial Banner

Ignis #7

Ignis location #7

Find the farthest North – East point you can reach on your map and you should find yourself on a dock. There are big boxes near by, so go around them. On the end on the dock is the banner. It’ll be lying flat on the ground.

#8 – Tattered Plushie

Ignis #8

Ignis location #8

If you go back to where we found the magitek core and jump around to the opposite side of the fallen Nif ship. In the rubble you’ll find this moogle plushie.

#9 – Family Portrait

Ignis #9

Ignis location #9

Near the bridge where we first see Ravus are a bunch of restaurant tables. On one of them is a family portrait. You’ll have to finish fighting the nearby enemies before you can pick it up.

#10 – Civilian Evacuation Orders

Ignis #10

Ignis location #10

In the center of the map are a couple of dark circles. To the right of them you’ll find a large building on fire. Grapple up it and look for some papers. They will be next to a burning window.

#11 – Soldier’s Letter

Ignis #11

Ignis location #11

Just up passed where we found the moogle plushie is a red bench. It’s on one of the ground level sections. The letter is there.

#12 – Note From Prompto

Ignis location #12

Ignis #12

In the Northern part of your map, near where Ignis begins his quest, is a treasure spot and a camping spot. Near the camp is a note sitting on a nearby box from Prompto.

#13 – Note from Gladiolus

I don’t have pictures for this one (sorry) but it won’t show up until after the first scene with Ravus. Once you’ve fought off all the enemies Caligo brings with him, go to the West side of the map and find the camp site in the middle of the area. Gladio’s note will be on a green crate to the right.

#14 – Letter to Camelia

Ignis #14

Ignis location #14

On the far East side of your map look for a tiny bridge that’s connecting the Northern and Southern parts of the area. This letter is to the left of the bridge in a small alcove on a box.

#15 – Bottled Message

Ignis #15

Ignis location #15

This final collectible is on the far South East part of the map. Go over to the bride where we see Ravus for the first time. From there go North towards the dock. The bottle is on the ground near some rubble. It is right by the three small docks on your map.

Getting all 15 will net you the Altissian Ambassador trophy!