Here are all of the hidden Monokuma’s you can find in Chapter 2 of Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony! To see the first 5 click here.



When you’re allowed to wander around in Chapter 2, go to the warehouse and look at the top left corner of the room. The bear will be on high shelf.



After gaining access to the 3rd floor of the school, look under the benches to find the next bear.



This guy is hanging out on the grass outside and to the left of the main school doors. Another way to find him is to walk straight from the outside door to the dining hall and look at the grass on your right.



This Monokuma is very hard to find. Go into the Ultimate Inventor’s Lab (Miu) and look at the sofa on the right in the back. You’ll see two little legs sticking out from underneath. You will need to maneuver the camera until you are able to click on them.



The final bear is in the taxi mini game during Chapter 2’s trial. You will see him in the middle of the road during phase 3. Keep an eye out for him and run into him with the car in order to collect him.