Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony came out in North America earlier this week, and within it are hidden Monokuma’s! Monokuma is the robotic bear headmaster of the killing school where the game is set. These tiny versions are way cuter and much less deadly than the real thing though! Here are the 5 hidden bears you can find in chapter 1.



Once you’re able to walk around in Chapter 1, go past the school store to the tables on the right. You’ll see this little guy walking back and forth on one of the tables.


HM #2

On the first floor of the school and in the girl’s bathroom. He’s sitting above the sink on the right side of the room.



Directly after exiting the dorms, take a right and go towards the covered benches. This bear is on the first set you see.



This one can be found in the game room down inside the basement. He is on the floor in the back right corner.



He is in the anagram mini game during the first trial. You’ll see him floating around in one of the bubbles. Click on him to get him.