Yes, I’m super late with this, but I’m doing it anyway because I LOVE Persona 5! One of the game’s random trophies is to find and buy every type of drink from vending machines scattered about. There are 26 drinks total that can be found throughout the in-game cities. Some appear later in the game, so keep an eye open!

Yogen – Jaya (Cafe LeBlanc)

Vending machine near Batting Cages.

  • Nastea
  • 1Up
  • Starvicks

Vending machine near Washers & Dryers

  • Arginade
  • Water of Rebirth

Aoyama – Ichome (School)


  • Dr. Salt Neo
  • Second Maid
  • Manta
  • Earl Green


Vending machines to the right on Central Street

  • Durian – au – Lait
  • Creature
  • Oh! Shiruko

Middle group of vending machines on Central Street

  • Joylent
  • Mad Bull
  • Muscle Tea
  • Udagawa Water


  • Chunky Potage
  • Udagawa Soda
  • Ultimate Amazake
  • Mystery Stew
  • Strawberry Curry
  • Mayo Locust
  • Miso Starfish
  • Muscle Drink
  • Odd Morsel
  • Rancid Gravy