Hellblade is a beautiful game that makes you feel on edge and uncomfortable the entire time you’re playing it. Putting that aside, it dives deep into Norse Mythology which is pretty cool in a horror game setting. Throughout the game you can find lorestones, standing rocks (Or other variations of standing things) that tell you about Senua’s background and the god’s you’re facing.

There are 44 lorestones scattered throughout the game! I’m going to break them up by where they are found depending on the particular section you are in (and I’ll number them as well). When interacting with the stones, you will see a circle of red runes around the current rune you’re looking at. These turn white when you activate the corresponding stone. This is the game’s way of keeping track of your progress, so look at these to see if you’ve missed any.

***There may be spoilers about certain areas you visit or events that happen in – game to reference the locations of the stones. You’ve been warned!!****


The Road to Hel – (4 Total: 4/44 Stones)

#1 – As soon as you get off of the boat at the beginning of the game. These lorestones look like upright stones, similar to the Places of Power in the Witcher 3.

#2 – Once you’ve seen the Helbridge the stone will be to the left of the stone stairs you need to climb.

#3 – On the other side of the long plank you need to cross after opening your first rune gate.

#4 – Next to where you enter the first time you see the gate to Helheim. Get it after your first battle.


Valravyn’s Keep – (5 Total: 9/44)

#5 – Go to the right upon entering his domain and up the small set of stairs.

#6 – After following the Valravyn illusion the first time. Go through the 3rd portal you have come across that shows the ruins of a building. Unlock and open both doors and head back through the portal. The walls should now be rebuilt. Go into the ruins, up the stone stairs (not the ladder), across the plank and to the stone.

#7 – On your path after opening the 2nd raven puzzle door and fighting the enemies. Hard to miss.

#8 – From the previous stone, go straight along the path until you are able to go right. Do so and follow this smaller path to the stone.

#9 – After scanning 3rd large raven puzzle door, face away from it. To the right is a portal that breaks down the stone wall of the ruins beyond it. Walk through and then go through the portal a bit to the left that builds a bridge for you. Cross the bridge and enter the ruins. In the back past the stairs you need to climb is a small space to crawl through. Inside you’ll find the stone.


Surtr’s Domain – (5 Total – 14/44)

#10 – As soon as you enter through the door take the right path into a small alcove.

#11 – Down the left path after opening the first fire sacrifice door.

#12 – Straight ahead from the 2nd fire sacrifice door (before heading to the left).

#13 – To the right of the 3rd fire sacrifice gate within the destroyed homes.

#14 – Passed the 4th fire sacrifice gate. Take the bridge on the left into the house and then go left again onto a porch.


The Bridge to Hel – (2 Total – 16/44)

#15 – Can be found after passing through the gate and fighting the new type of enemy. Go through the next set of doors to find a locked rune gate. Head to the right for the stone.

#16 – This one is directly across the hallway from the previous stone, but the gate is locked. In order to get it, find the 3 runes you need to open the gate. At the 3rd rune (highest one) take the ladder to the left of where you found it. You’ll be in a small courtyard behind the locked gate with the lorestone.


Shipwreck Shore – (6 Total – 22/44)

These 6 look like planks of wood

#17 – Follow Dillian until you see him waiting under a tree in the distance. The stone will be right in front of you on the shore line.

#18 – From the last stone, follow the rock path up a hill and then up some stairs. The next stone is there to the right of the bridge.

#19 – Go under the bridge and down the ladder from #18. Head to the right and around the ship (towards the shore). You’ll see it once you’ve gotten around the wreckage.

#20 – Continue forward until Senua’s vision starts getting weird. You should be able to take a right around some more wrecked ship parts and see the stone.

#21 – After the vision with the tree, go to the left and down by the water for the next stone.

#22 – The final one in this area is to the right of the previous one. Follow the shoreline around the tree and the stone will be near some rocks.


Labyrinth Shard Trial – (4 Total – 26/44)

This trial is to the right of the tree if you’re facing it from the front.

#23 – Before going up the hill, go to the left and follow the shoreline until you see the stone.

#24 – Upon entering the tomb, take the first left you can. You will be moving away from Dillian and the voices will tell you you’re going the wrong way. The stone is in the back of the room with the broken wall. You can sun streaming through from outside.

#25 – From the last stone, go straight and continue to the left. Go into the room with a red sigil on the ground. The stone is right behind the mark.

#26 – Go through the halls lighting torches and pay close attention to the shields hanging on the wall above. Don’t enter a room with the same shield as the previous room. When you get to the room with a plain wooden shield go left. At the red and white swirl shield go right and through the empty room. You should see the stone next to a torch.


Tower Shard Trial – (6 Total – 32/44)

This trial is to the left of the tree if you’re facing it from the front. The stones look like shields hanging from poles.

#27 – As soon as you enter this trial, turn right and push down the bridge. Cross it and interact with the mask. In the light world, go back across the bridge and up towards the house. The stone will be to the left of the house entrance.

#28 – When you find the 2nd mask, use it and enter the tower (you should be in the light world again). The stone is directly in front across from the locked rune door.

#29 Inside the tower near where #28 was located. This time you should in the dark world after unlocking the rune door.

#30 – Fix the stairs in the dark world after activating stone #29 and go up them. The stone is to the right of the 3rd mask.

#31 – Use the 3rd mask to enter the light world and go upstairs. The stone is to the left (don’t go outside).

#32 – The last stone for this area is across the way from the final rune you need (looks like a backwards z) on the porch.


Swamp Shard Trial – (2 Total – 34/44)

The swamp trial is directly behind the tree.

#33 – Located behind the 3rd illusion arch you come across. While fixing the bridge, use the 2nd arch to clear the debris to access 3rd arch.

#34 – After fixing the bridge, enter the house and go right. Stone is across from the locked rune door.


Helheim – (6 Total – 40/44)

The Blindness Shard Trial and the Sea of Corpses doesn’t have any lorestones.

#35 – Directly in front of you upon entering Helheim.

#36 – In the cave where you first lose your torch and are having to run between lights. When you retrieve your torch, go back into the cave to the left to find the stone.

#37 – After leaving the cave area and climbing spiral staircase. At the first door you can enter, go to the left instead and up the rocks to find the stone.

#38 – Go through the waterfall after falling and losing Dillian (past the rune door) and head to the right. Behind a grate you’ll find some crucified corpses and the stone will be beside them.

#39 – From the last stone head down the stairs and towards the next rune door. The stone is to your left past the torch.

#40  – Down the trail after opening the previously mentioned rune door. It’ll be on the wall to the right, you shouldn’t be able to miss it.


Hela’s Sanctum – (4 Total – 44/44)

#41 – After seeing the bridge you must cross, go right across the hall and into a room with a spiral staircase. First rune will be right there.

#42 – Near the locked gate at the beginning of the bridge is a small dip in the wall. To the right if you’re looking at the gate (before crossing bridge).

#43 – Enter the doorway you create after solving the 2nd bridge puzzle and turn right. The stone is in a cell.

#44 – Th final stone is at the top of the spiral staircase you climb when going to solve the last bridge puzzle. Instead of going into the room, continue all the way up.

Collecting all 44 lorestones will net you the Stories from the North trophy as well as the extra scene at the end of the game! Hopefully this was helpful 🙂