Episode Gladio dropped yesterday and with it came some interesting story tidbits and new game play! This review won’t have any spoilers as far as the story is concerned, so if you haven’t played it yet, no worries!


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Gladio’s fighting style concentrates on strength and the use of larger weapons. This makes him a lot slower to control compared to Noctis, so you may need to adjust a bit before really getting everything down. This is very noticeable when blocking and parrying enemy attacks. Gladio blocks with a shield that has to be summoned first, making him much slower.

Something that I thought was interesting is your ability to interact with pillars spread around the environment. They can be pulled out of the ground and used as weapons for a higher attack. However, this slows Gladio down significantly and will force you to plan the proper time to use them.

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Special abilities are accessed via a segmented bar on top of Gladio’s stats. As you fight the bar will fill up, giving you different attacks depending on how many segments are full. These can be used at any time by using the triangle button (PS4) during combat. He also has a rage meter that fills when enemy attacks are blocked properly. This meter adds an attack multiplier as he fights, giving him more power.

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The only complaint I have is that it felt too easy. Mind you, I haven’t played the timed trial so my opinion will most likely change, but the Gilgamesh battle wasn’t that difficult. Gladio starts off at level 24 and doesn’t level up through the DLC, so I was surprised to find myself taking down level 30+ enemies with little resistance.


Let’s talk about music for a moment. The soundtrack used for this episode is fantastic. Heavy metal plays during fights and does its job at getting your blood pumping. It fits Gladio’s aggressive nature as well as the vibe of the dungeon you’re traveling through perfectly. I may be a bit biased since this is the type of music I prefer listening to anyway, but it works.

Trophies are another thing making an appearance here. You can get 7 total, 4 of which can be acquired in the basic story mode and the other 3 when going through the two new modes that open up upon completing the game. This gives the DLC replay-ability throughout all modes; something that I always enjoy.

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As far as the story is concerned, we don’t learn too much. Gladio’s father Clarus is mentioned as well as some new info about Cor, but nothing game breaking.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this DLC. Final Fantasy XV’s world is one that I’ve poured almost 100 hours into already, so it’s never hard to get me back into it. Despite the main story here only being a little over an hour long, I look forward to playing the new modes I’ve unlocked and sinking even more time in. I’m also very much looking forward to Prompto’s DLC later this year!

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