There are a couple of different collectables to find in the newest Styx game, but one of the more prominent ones are the C.A.R.N.A.G.E posters throughout each level. In the Prologue there are a total of 8.

Snapshot 1 (3-24-2017 11-59 PM)

  1. In the house to your right when Styx mentions the new recruits training nearby.

Snapshot 2 (3-25-2017 12-09 AM)

2. Behind the first guard you can kill.

Snapshot 3 (3-25-2017 12-10 AM)

3. To the right of the building where the second guard you find is standing (up the stairs from last poster).

Snapshot 4 (3-25-2017 12-11 AM)

4. Room with the first sleeping man you encounter.

Snapshot 5 (3-25-2017 12-12 AM)

5. In the large room with stairs going up and down. Go down the stairs to find the poster on the wall.

Snapshot 6 (3-25-2017 12-12 AM)

6. In the room with the kitchen. It will be lying on the table.

Snapshot 7 (3-25-2017 12-13 AM)

7. In the area with one of the guard’s pay. It is the only room with carpets on the floor.

Snapshot 8 (3-25-2017 12-13 AM)

8. Near your escape blimp on the roof.