Wow this is super late! But better late than never right? I’ve gotten back into FFXV since Episode Gladiolus will be releasing soon, along with the revamp of Chapter 13. Exciting things! Let’s get into this..

There’s a total of 51 trophies for Final Fantasy XV: 42 Bronze 5 Silver 3 Gold 1 Platinum

The World Wanderer

Collected all trophies. This is pretty to the point. You’ll get this when the other 50 trophies have been obtained!

Insomnia’s Waking Nightmare

Complete the Prologue. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.


Complete Chapter 1. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

No Turning Back

Complete Chapter 2. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

The Open World

Complete Chapter 3. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

Living Legend

Complete Chapter 4. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

Dark Clouds

Complete Chapter 5. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

A Way Forward

Complete Chapter 6. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

Party of Three

Complete Chapter 7. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.


Complete Chapter 8. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.


Complete Chapter 9. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

The Heart of a King

Complete Chapter 10. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

In the Dark

Complete Chapter 11. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

End of Days

Complete Chapter 12. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.


Complete Chapter 13. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.


Complete Chapter 14. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

Chosen King

Defeat Ifrit on Normal difficulty. This is one of the last bosses you fight in the game. Play through on normal and beat him for the trophy. You can’t switch your game difficulty during the game itself, so you must play through from the beginning.

Learner’s Permit

Drive the Regalia for the first time. You can do this pretty quickly. When Ignis asks whether you want him or yourself to drive, choose yourself.

Chocobo Jockey

Ride a chocobo. This can only be done after helping Wiz at the Chocobo Ranch. Once they’ve been opened to you, rent one and take it for a ride.

Regalia Pilot

Pilot the Regalia Type – F. This requires three pieces that you acquire when clearing out bases. Two of them, the Fort Vaullerey and Aracheole Stronghold, are done during the main story line. The third, Fermouth Garrison, doesn’t open up until you have access to the post game content. After clearing them out you’ll get the Warped Wings, Unstable Stabilizer and the Strange Engine. After collecting all three, you’ll get a quest called “Into Unknown Frontiers”. Follow the quest line to transform your car and take it for a spin.

Quadruple Threat

Equip four weapon slots. Once Noctis has acquired 4 weapons (magic counts too), equip them to get the trophy.

Faithful Heir

Collect all 13 Royal Arms. Some of these are found during the story, but the majority are optional. Here are where they can all be found:

  1. Sword of the Wise – Story
  2. Axe of the Conqueror – Story
  3. Swords of the Wanderer – Story
  4. Blade of the Mystic – Story
  5. Scepter of the Pious – Malmalam Thicket (Optional Dungeon)
  6. Katana of the Warrior – Story
  7. Trident of the Oracle – Story
  8. Sword of the Father – Story
  9. Star of the Rouge – Myrlwood (Optional Dungeon)
  10. Mace of the Fierce – Rock of Ravatogh (Optional Dungeon)
  11. Bow of the Clever – Balouve Mines (Optional Dungeon)
  12. Greatsword of the Tall – Costlemark Tower (Optional Dungeon)
  13. Shield of the Just – Thommels Glade

New Power

Learn first ability. Once you acquire some AP, buy an ability from the board.

Self – Improved

Activate 20 ability nodes.

Self – Mastered

Activate 50 ability nodes.

Angling Rookie

Improved fishing level for the first time.

Survival Rookie

Improved survivor level for the first time.

Photo Rookie

Improved photo level for the first time.

Cooking Rookie

Improved cooking level for the first time.

Angling Expert

Reached maximum fishing level. This will take a lot of patience, especially if you don’t like fishing.

Survival Expert

Reached maximum survival level. Run around a bunch and make sure you camp throughout the game.

Photo Expert

Reached maximum photo level. This is the easiest to accomplish. Prompto automatically takes photos throughout the journey, but if you want more then equip his Snapshot ability and use it during combat.

Cooking Expert

Reached maximum cooking level. Finding new recipes and cooking at camp will make this possible. You’ll get more experience when you cook higher level meals.

Just Hangin’ Around

Performed first point warp suspension.


Issued first ally command.

Blind Spot

Performed first blindside link.

Noct You Like a Hurricane

Initiated first link strike after parrying an attack. These will happen automatically when you start to parry enemies.

The Power of Kings

Called forth the Armiger for the first time.

Magical Worker

Crafted a spell for the first time. You need to wait until you are given your first magic flask. These are required in order to craft spells.

Black Mage

Used magic for the first time. Once you’ve crafted a spell, equip it onto Noctis and use it in battle.

Divine Intervention

Summoned one of the Six for the first time. During battle after the fight with Titan, you randomly get the ability to summon. Once you do this you’ll get the trophy.

High Five for Justice

Play Justice Monsters Five for the first time. These are the pin ball looking machines you can find in diners.

Immortal Photo bomb

Caught an image of Gentianna in a photo. You have no control over this. It typically happens around chapter 5 and on, and sometimes you may even get the trophy without seeing her in an actual picture.

Spinning A Yarn I

Complete one side quest.

Spinning A Yarn II

Complete 5 side quests.

Spinning A Yarn III

Complete 10 side quests.

Spinning A Yarn IV

Complete 20 side quests.

Spinning A Yarn V

Complete 40 side quests.

Weaving A Tapestry

Complete 80 side quests.

My First Hunt

complete your first hunt. These can be found at Tipsters throughout the world.

Tortoise Toppler

Defeat the adamantoise. This is very long fight that you do not get access to until post game. I recommend going and watching YouTube videos of other people taking it down if you are worried.