There are two quests you can complete while in the Embrace before running in the Proving.

In Her Mother’s Footsteps


While running around the Embrace pre-Proving  you’ll hear someone calling for help. Talk to the man lying on the ground (His name is Thok) and he will ask you to go and find his daughter, Arana. Track her to some trees surrounded by a couple of Watchers. Kill them and she will fill you in on the situation. Her mother’s spear is stuck in a Scrapper and she asks you to help her get it back.

Follow the Scrapper’s footprints until you come across 4 of them. Take them out and collect the spear. Return to the two and you’ll receive 1000 XP & +1 Spear Damage Boost.

The Forgotten


As you’re wandering the Embrace you will hear a woman yelling for her brother atop a large rock. Olara tells you about her brother Brom who has been outcast for the last ten years. His sentence has recently ended, but he hasn’t returned. She asks you to go and find him for her.

To start, go to his camp and examine everything until you find tracks. Follow them and kill the Scrappers you come across. Examine the nearby dead Watcher and continue to follow the tracks. Find the supply cache and look at it before continuing on. Talk to Brom and eventually allow Olara to take over. You’ll get 1000 XP & 1 Remarkable Reward Box.