There are numerous collectibles/ side quest throughout Horizon Zero Dawn, but I’ve decided to focus primarily on the Errands and Side quests. There is only one errand you can do while in the Embrace before the Proving.

Odd Grata

While talking to Rost the first time as an adult, ask him if there is anything else he would like you to do while you’re down in the Embrace. He will mention that Grata needs more food.

Follow the map to her home and talk to her. She will mention that she lost her prayer beads, so we will be grabbing that too.

To start, find and kill 5 rabbits and take their meat. Now travel to the Eastern Overlook (marked on your map) and climb to the top. In a box you can examine you’ll find her beads.

Return to Grata and you’ll get 1000 XP