So the collector’s edition of the Fruits Basket manga was technically released in 2015, but they’ve only recently showed up in my local bookstore. I thought that I should do a comparison between that and the original manga so those of you how are interested can see the comparisons!

General Info


To start off, one volume of the Collector’s Edition equals to two volumes of the original manga. Each Collector’s Edition is priced at $20 USD while the individual originals are $9.99 USD a piece. No change in that area, so you will be spending the same amount of money regardless of which you choose to buy.

What’s Changed?


Most of the things that are different have been added to the original via the Collector’s Edition, but there was something that got removed. In the originals, Natsuki Takaya had sidebar commentaries scattered throughout the chapters. She chose to remove them for the collector’s because she felt they were outdated. These were rather enjoyable to read in my opinion, and I’m actually kind of bummed they got taken out.

One of the biggest additions are the full color shots we get of previous artwork. These are beautiful and breathe new life into the characters. It’s interesting to see the mangaka’s vision for how each person should look compared to how the anime portrayed them.

Cute little doodles were added through out the volume as well. These are all randomly placed and don’t add anything to the narrative, but they are adorable!

The final addition is found in the back of the manga. Natsuki Takaya wrote a special thank you message to anyone who chose to buy the Collector’s Edition. In it she talks about how happy she is that even after all this time, there is still an audience who loves the Fruits Basket series.

Final Thoughts


I think the Collector’s Edition is worth buying if you’ve had your eye on the series, but hadn’t actually begun to collect it yet. If you own the originals, I don’t think what you get is worth re-buying product you already have. I personally own the first 8 books, so I will purchase the Collector’s from there on.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. I know it wasn’t anything super exciting, but sometimes seeing the pro’s and con’s of re-releases helps in making final decisions.Thank you so much for reading! Are you planning on buying the Collector’s Editions of the Fruits Basket manga? Have you already? Let me know!!!