There are a lot of unknowns regarding Night in the Woods when it comes to the trophies/achievements and collectibles. The sketches you can find throughout the game only unlock when viewing certain events. Some of these happen automatically during the story, but the majority have to be worked for.

Weird Autumn Sketches have not been added as of yet. They do not affect the ability to get the ‘Seriously?’ trophy.

***These aren’t listed in any particular order.***

Total Sketches Found – 87


#1: R.I.P. Granddad – Automatically added at beginning of game.

#2: You’re Parents Forgot You!!! – Automatically added at beginning of game.



#3: Mom – Talk to mom before leaving the first morning.

#4: Eels – Added after talking to mom numerous times on the first morning.

#5: Dead Bird – Talk about murders w/ Mom.

#6: Jenny’s Field – Visit mom every day at the church (after it opens) and agree to go on trip w/ her to Jenny’s Field when asked.

#7: Dad Looks Older? – Talk to dad first night after coming home.

#8: Still Funny Though – Adds on second night after talking a few times.

#9: Meats – Go grocery shopping w/ Bea at the Ham Panther.


#10: Dohr & Castys – Look at stars through telescope for the first time on the day after the wood’s party (use telephone wires to get onto roof).

#11: WoOoOo! – Examine laundry on building roof in second area on day 2 (to the left of Bea’s apartment. Use telephone wires).

#12: Hello Bea – Examine statue on Bea’s apartment via wires.

nitw 2

#13: Pizza Scale – After first band practice during pizza scene w/ friends.

#14: Arm! – After finding the arm. *Note: Diamond tattoo is added if you uncover it in time while poking the arm with a stick.*


#15: Angus – Talk to Angus about fixing your laptop.

#16: Germ – Meet Germ for the first time near the Snack Falcon.


#17: Never Drink Again – Automatic after Wood’s party.

#18: Everything Feels Bad – Automatic after Wood’s party.


#19: Die Anywhere Else – Complete first band practice with an “OK” score.

#20: Weird Autumn – Complete second band practice with an “OK” score.


#21: Fire Ghost – Finish Part 1

#22: G-Dad – Examine bookcase near birdcage the morning after Wood’s party.

#23: Eff the Cops – Talk to Mom about walking on power lines.


#24: TA-DA! – Selmer’s after the Wood’s party; listen to her poetry everyday.

#25: If I Die – After hearing Selmer’s speak in the Poetry Club while at the library w/ Bea.

#26: Mysterious Tooth – Find tooth in basement safe (after boxes are moved from crawlspace).

nitw 5

#27: Workin’ – Go w/ Bea on her house call.

#28: Ham Panther Dinner – Have dinner w/ Bea.


#29: Sterling & Simone – Second time you look at stars on roof.

#30: Big Snake & Gramercy – Third time you look at the stars on roof.



#31: Mallard – Find Mallard the duck in the third area after the light pole is fixed. He is inside the open window you can access via the power lines.

#32: Miracle Rats – Feed the rats inside of Mallard for the first time.

#33: Roofcat – Climb to the top of the building next to Lori (on her right) and interact w/ sleeping cat.

#34: Nuke Possum Springs – Inspect the Subway mural after it’s been vandalized.

#35: Honey I’m Horm – Talk to fisherman in subway station after Wood’s party.


#36: Pastor ‘K’ – Meet Pastor K for the first time after the church becomes available.

#37: Fire Statue – Inspect statue near church when it becomes available.



#38: Smash! – Smash light bulbs w/ Gregg on Halloween (Harfest).

#39: Bruce – Meet Bruce for the first time.


#40: Smooshed Soldiers – Go w/ Lori to the train tracks after talking to her for a few days on roof.

#41: Smooshed Together – Return to tracks w/ Lori for a second time.

nitw 3

#42: I Freakin’ Died – Hang out w/ Gregg and build the robot.

#43: Crimes (Bunny head) – Go w/ Gregg to commit crimes. Choose rabbit head when asked.


#44: Crimes (Frog Head) – Go w/ Gregg to commit crimes. Choose frog head when asked.


#45: Crimes (Pig Head) – Go w/ Gregg to commit crimes. Choose pig head when asked.

nitw 4

#46: Bandit Queens – Go w/ Bea to the mall.


#47: Lori M. – Hang out w/ Lori three times and go to train tracks w/ her when she asks.


#48: Parking Lot – The first time Germ asks to hang out say yes.

#49: Bridge – Hang out with Germ the second time he asks.


#50: Forest God – Hang out w/ Gregg for a third time.

#51: Legends – Go w/ Gregg and Angus to Donut Wolf.


#52: Pumpkin Head – Complete 3rd band practice with at least an ‘Ok’ score.


#53: 3 Weird Teens – Visit the cliff by the church on Halloween to find 3 teenagers sitting there. Talk to them and choose ‘ A Sunken Ship’ and they will tell you about 3 pentagrams you need to find.

#54: Pentagram #1 – When you get access to Gregg’s apartment roof, go into the building where the saxophone player is sitting. To the far left is a paper on the wall with the star.

#55: Pentagram #2 – This one changes depending on who you go with on your final hangout. If you go w/ Bea to the second party then talk to the girl at the far right. Hold hands and you will see the symbol. If you go w/ Gregg to Donut Wolf, order the Doomnuts. There should be a donut w/ the symbol on it.

#56: Pentagram #3 – Happens automatically when going through the ending.

#57: Janitor – You’ll get this sketch if you talk to the janitor during the Epilogue near the statue in town.


#58: Ghost – After seeing the ghost on Halloween.

#59: Black Hole – After seeing the ghost on Halloween.


#60: Halloween – After changing into your costume.

#61: Harfest – After changing into your costume.


#62: Kol & Adina – Fourth stargazing adventure on the roof.

#63: Erskine – Fifth and final stargazing adventure.



#64: Hella Birds – Visit the Saxophone player in the hidden stage when you get access to Gregg’s apartment roof.

#65: Musicians – Visit the hidden stage after uniting the two musicians.


#66: Angus is psychic – Go w/ Angus on a ghost hunt.

#67: No Clues – Go w/ Angus on a ghost hunt.


#68: Trash King Rabies – After meeting Rabies w/ Germ, go sit on bridge outside of town and see Rabies again.

nitw 7

#69: Bad Art – Go on a ghost hunt w/ Gregg.

#70: Skull Hole! – Go on a ghost hunt w/ Bea.


#71: Shapes – Complete part 4.

#72: Vortex – Complete part 4.


#73: Gregg Rulz – Meet Gregg for the first time.

#74: Bea – Ask Bea to drive you to the party.




#75: Big Skeleton – Inspect statue in the middle of town on first day.

#76: Aunt Mall Cop – Talk to Molly outside of your house before going to the Woods party.

#77: This place is falling apart – Examine the church steps before they are repaired.

nitw 6

#78: Bombshell – Do the secret handshake w/ the hot girl at 2nd party.

#79: MaeDae BeaBea – Go to second party w/ Bea.

nitw 9

#80: Demon Tower – Beat Demon Tower.

#81: Pale Cat – Acquire Pale Cat trophy / Achievement.

nitw 8

#82: Die Anywhere Else Fail – Miss 50% of song notes.

#83: Weird Autumn Fail – Miss 50% of song notes.

nitw 10

#84: Pumpkin Head Fail – Miss 50% of song notes.


#85: Bea & Mae on Car – Follow Bea’s friendship quest.


#86: Pizza Buds – Follow Gregg’s friendship quest.

#87: RIP Casey – Learn the truth about Casey.