This list of trophies is reasonably small and very doable if you’re willing to put in the time! There are a total of 15 trophies for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage: 13 Bronze, 1 Silver, 1 Gold.

**Contains Spoilers for the story**

Wandering in the Dark (Bronze)

Begin a journey to escape the Dark World. This is a story trophy and can’t be missed.

Flow of Time (Bronze)

Complete the Castle Town episode. This is another story trophy that can’t be missed.

False Temptations (Bronze)

Complete the World Within episode. This is also a story trophy that can’t be missed.

Real or Illusion? (Bronze)

Complete the Forest of Thorns episode. The penultimate story trophy that can’t be missed.

Into the Depths of Darkness (Bronze)

Complete the game (any difficulty). This is the final unmissable story trophy.

Treasure Hunter (Bronze)

Open all treasure chests in the Dark World. This is pretty simple as long as you thoroughly search every area. 12 of these chests can only be found after completing the game once and reloading your save file.

Ambitious (Gold)

Complete all objectives. This trophy is what will take the most time to accomplish. There are a total of 51 objectives all varying in difficulty. Link to that blog post coming soon!

Undefeated (Bronze)

Complete the story without using a Retry or Continue. So, in other words, you can’t die or fail in the story missions. This is accomplished the easiest by playing on either Beginner or Standard mode. If you do fall, just reload your last save and continue on.

Heartless Hunter (Bronze)

Defeat 500 Heartless. If you want to grind a lot in your first play through you should be able to get this trophy. If not, begin a new game plus in order to achieve it.

Ice Queen (Bronze)

Use Spellweaver’s finish command 5 times. This is easily done while during your first game. Just remember to activate Spellweaver when it’s available.

Proud Player/ Critical Competitor (Silver)

Finish the game on Proud or Critical mode.

A Magical Finale (Bronze)

Execute all magical situation commands. This is done by using a certain spell (Fire/Blizzard/Thunder) and filling up the command bar (yellow arrows). You will get the options for Firaja/Blizzarja/Thundaja depending on the magic you used to begin with. Execute all 3 for the trophy.

Shotlock Star (Bronze)

Earn an Excellent rating in Shotlock. When using the shotlock, time your button presses so that you press x when the shrinking pink circle is even with the stationary circle. It’s ok if the moving circle is a little bit inside, but don’t press too early.

Dark Explorer (Bronze)

Walk a long distance within a single map. The easiest place to accomplish this is in the final area of the game after having Mickey join your party. Explore the entire map and the trophy will pop.

Fashionista (Bronze)

Equip an item in all wardrobe slots. The pieces will be a headpiece (ears, crown, antennae), Shoulders (arm plates), Back (Wings) and Pattern.