The release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 has gotten us one game closer to Kingdom Hearts 3, so I’ve decided that now is a good time to break this series’ story down in preparation. This franchise is known for its convoluted story telling and I’m hoping that by writing these blogs you’ll be a bit more prepared for what’s coming.

Back Cover was a video released within the 2.8 bundle showing the behind the scenes of Unchained X, the mobile game that released over here last year. It explains a few things, and gives us many more questions but is still important to the Kingdom Hearts lore.

Unchained X


We learn that at one point all of the worlds were one. It isn’t specified whether these worlds are just original worlds (Traverse Town, Twilight Town etc.) or if they also include the Disney realms. This unified world went by the name Daybreak Town and is the setting for our current story.

The Master of Masters is a mysterious man who no one really knows much about. He is the one who created the Chirithy (which is a Dream Eater) and owns a book foretelling the future. This book is aptly named the Book of Prophecies.


The Master trained up six keyblade wielding apprentices. To five he gave a copy of the Book of Prophecies and they went on to create their own unions full of Keyblade wielders. Their names were:

  • Master Invi (latin for Envy) – Anguis Union (snake)
  • Master Ava (latin for Greed) – Vulpeus Union (Fox)
  • Master Gula (latin for Gluttony) – Leopardos Union (Leopard)
  • Master Aced (Latin for Sloth) – Ursus Union (Bear)
  • Master Ira (Latin for Wrath) – Unicornis Union (Unicorn)

The Master told all six of his apprentices that there was to be an inevitable war that would destroy everyone and usher in the Darkness. Because of this, they were each given a secret role that they were told to uphold if the Master were to ever disappear.

Ira would take the Master’s place and lead the others. Aced would become Ira’s right hand man. Invi would keep an eye on everyone and report to Ira. Ava was to find and train the best Keyblade wielders from every union in preparation for the battle. They would then be sent away to another world as the last remaining keepers of Light. Gula was given a page from the Master’s Book of Prophecies that no one else had. It spoke of a traitor among them, and Gula’s job was to find that traitor and stop them.


The sixth apprentice was given a very different task. His name was Luxu (Latin for lust). He wasn’t given a book, but instead received a special Keyblade and a mysterious case. His task was to take the Keyblade and train an apprentice. When the apprentice was ready, they would receive the blade and hand it down to their apprentice. But this Keyblade was special. On it was a giant eye, the Master’s eye, and everything it saw was reported back to the Master. This way, the Master could see into the future, know what’s to come, and write the Book of Prophecies. The fact that the book is written at the time of this discussion between the Master and Luxu means that Luxu succeeded. On top of this, Luxu was to take the case with him but never open it. We aren’t told why.

Now, this is all very confusing but remember this Keyblade, because we will be talking a lot about it in future lore/story blogs.

A little while after giving out these instructions, the Master disappears. Luxu leaves shortly thereafter, leaving the 5 Foretellers on their own.

Distrust runs among the five when a Dark Chirithy is found by Ira. Chirithy’s reflect their owners souls. If you follow the light, your Chirithy appears normal. But if you’ve given into the Darkness, your Chirithy does as well.


They argue amongst themselves about a possible traitor and all the while Gula stays quiet about his role. Eventually tensions rise to the point where the Foretellers begin to physically battle each other. Gula comes out with the fact that he’s known there was a traitor from the beginning and this fact is what eventually sparks the war.

Three of the five (Aced, Ira and Gula) begin collecting Lux (shards of light found upon killing a Heartless) in preparation for the oncoming darkness. In order to keep the balance and avoid anyone gaining too much power, Ava and Invi begin to collect Lux as well. They all use their Unions to collect as much as they can.


Right before the war begins, Ava calls her special group of Keyblade wielders (named the Dandelions) and sends them off to other worlds to escape the incoming carnage.


The war begins and at its end there are no survivors. This battle ground is later referred to as the Keyblade Graveyard, something we get to see in Birth by Sleep. The fates of the Foretellers are unknown, as are the fates of Luxu and the Master.

And that’s it! The next step in our story is Birth by Sleep which will be coming soon! Thank you so much for being here and for reading. I hope this will begin to clear the air around the Kingdom Hearts franchise and I’m super excited to write more!