You can find Vyv in Lestallum near the Outlook point. He asks you to go and take pictures for his magazine. He also pays you VERY well, so if you need dome gil definitely find him.

The Perfect Landscape – Level 8 Quest

Vyv will ask you to take two different pictures of the Disc; one from the North and one from the South. I highly recommend you taking your car to do this since the photo spots are a decent distance from each other. Follow the map, take the pics, and return to Vyv. He will give you 1000 EXP and 5000 Gil as a reward.

An Eye for Islands – Level 10 Quest

When you return to Vyv after completing the last quest, he will ask you to take a picture of the Umbral Isle of Angelgard. Head over to Galdin Quay and run down the pier to the restaurant. The picture spot is by the hotel check – in (make sure you do this during the day other wise you won’t be able to take the picture). Return to Vyv for 1500 EXP and 7500 Gil.

Aftermath of the Astral War – Level 12 Quest

Vyv wants two pictures, this time of the destruction brought by the Astral War. The first location is on a watchtower near the Coernix Bypass. Take a shot of the gorge by Taelpar Crag. The second spot is on a bridge, so just follow the map to where you need to go. Return to our photography loving friend for 2000 EXP and 10,000 Gil.

Of Gods and Kings – Level 14 Quest

You’re next set of pictures will be of a Royal Tomb. Head to the Fallgrove and take your first picture from the front of the structure. The second shot will be of the actual tomb entrance. You’ll have to fight some Valetooths and Magitech Soldiers before you can line up your pics. Return to Vyv for 2500 EXP and 12,500 Gil.

Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration – Level 20 Quest

Travel to the Ravatogh parking spot and run to the right along the fence. Eventually it will end and you’ll be able to enter the Ravatogh dungeon. Climb the path up the mountain following the map marker. As you get closer you will have to travel over some lava. This will give everyone in your party unavoidable fire damage, so move quickly. The picture spot is within the lava field and it must be daylight in order for Prompto to take it. Return to Vyv for 3000 EXP and 15000 Gil.

A Place To Call Home – Level 22 Quest

Vyv’s next assignment is one that hits close to home for Noctis, literally. The man wants a pic of Insomnia, Noctis’ hometown. Travel towards the Crown City checkpoint, but before you get there take a left down the dirt path we drove down at the end of Chapter 1. Fight the level 16 soldiers milling around and head up to the hill. Take the picture, report back to Vyv and collect your reward: 3500 EXP and 17,500 gil.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword – Level 25 Quest

Be have a bit of traveling to do in this mission. Vyv wants you to take pictures of three different imperial bases. The first is the Cleigne Imperial Base which is near Coernix Bypass. Go onto the highway leading into the base passed the bridge for the picture. Number two is the Duscae Base near the Cauthess Rest Area. Walk from the rest stop to the road leading into the base and take the picture. Our last stop is the Leide Base. Fast travel to the Prairie Outpost and run to the road leading to the base. Take your picture and return to Vyv for 4000 EXP and 20,000 gil.

The Cursed Canvas – Level 30 Quest

Vyv gives you one final mission: take a picture of a cursed painting in Altissia. When you get there, talk to Wes at the Maagho and take on the “A Lost Painting” hunt. Go to the location and battle the Chadarnook (a ghost within the painting). Prompto will take a photo right before the battle, so when you’ve finished the fight you’re good to go. Next time you’re in Lestallum visit Vyv for 5000 EXP and 25,000 gil.