During the carnival there are 3 different spots in Altissia that you can help decorate. You are shown 3-6 different colored and shaped presents and given a poem / puzzle thing. If you decode it properly, it will tell you whether to put a moogle or chocobo plushie on each box.

This post is going to give you the answer to the riddle, so if you want to try it on your own first then go ahead. They aren’t super difficult but can get frustrating if you aren’t one for riddles.

Plaza Decorations: Decoded

In the plaza you are presented with 5 presents. Two green, Two blue, and one red. Here’s the order you need to complete the quest.

  • Green box (far left) Chocobo
  • Blue star (left) Moogle
  • Red circle Moogle
  • Blue star (right) Chocobo
  • Green box (far right) Chocobo

You’ll receive 10 Choco-Mog Coins

Fountain Decorations: Decoded

Near the fountain will be an identical lady who will give you 3 boxes this time. One green, one blue, and one red. Here’s the order they need to go in.

  • Red circle Chocobo
  • Blue star Moogle
  • Green box Chocobo

You’ll receive 3 Choco-Mog Coins

Staircase Decorations: Decoded

The final quest is down near the bottom of the staircase. Talk to the lady (there’s so many of these woman) and you’ll be shown 4 presents this time. Two green, one blue and one red. Here’s the order they need to be in.

  • Blue star Chocobo
  • Green box (left) Chocobo
  • Red circle Moogle
  • Green box (right) Moogle

You’ll receive 5 Choco-Mog Coins as your reward!