The carnival is finally here! Along with a decked out Altissia and some weird costumes, we get a bunch of new side quests to enjoy. This one revolves around finding and photographing 5 moogle dolls scattered throughout the city. Here are their locations:

  1. Eldest – Sitting on top of the Square Enix Café sign.
  2. Second – On angel statue across water from where his quest marker is located.
  3. Third – Go to quest location and watch the waterway for an oncoming gondola. The doll will be sitting on the chocobo’s head (front of boat).
  4. Fourth – On top of lamp within quest location.
  5. Fifth – In Coliseum on statue with a chocobo. They are above the presents and eggs sitting in the corner.

For each doll you’ll receive 2 moogle chocobo coins, and when you return to the quest giver you’ll get 6 more!