Steam Valve Inspection – Level 10 Quest

Once you’ve cleared out the power plant in the main story, you can talk to Holly. She is standing near the power plant entrance in Lestallum. The first time you speak with her, she asks you to help her inspect steam valves around the area. he valves are blue and located all throughout the main part of Lestallum.

Here are the locations of all 8 valves:

  1. North West of the eatery Tozu’s Counter.
  2. To the left of Moatte’s Odds and Ends Shop
  3. To the left of the Armory
  4. To the right of #3
  5. Right above the Surgate’s Beanmine eatery
  6. To the left of Surgate’s Beanmine on the edge of the quest circle
  7. North of Surgate’s Beanmine, one street up from #5
  8. Right next to #7

Return to Holly for your reward of 2000 EXP and 2,500 gil.

Power to the Pylons – Level 15 Quest

Talk to Holly again and she will tell you about some power pylons that need to be inspected. This quest will open up a couple of side quests on your menu, but they all go back to the main quest given by Holly.

The pylons are located outside of Lestallum, so we will need to travel a bit.

  1. This first one is South West of Lestallum. When you arrive there, look for the pylon that has a ladder. This will be easier to find if you look for the orange cable car looking thing. Climb to the top and interact to inspect.
  2. Travel to Old Lestallum and ride a chocobo over to the quest circle. Do the same steps as above and we will move on to the last one!
  3. This final pylon is also located near Old Lestallum but in the opposite direction from the previous. Find the ladder, climb up, check the pylon, and return to Holly.

She will give you 3000 EXP and 5,000 gil

Holding Back the Dark – Level 20 Quest

This is Holly’s final quest for you. She needs you to go to a few locations and check on the circuit breakers that control lights.  There are 3 places we need to go check out.

  1. Travel to the Burbost Souvenir Emporium. The box is near the mart, so go over and interact with it.
  2. Next is at the Coernix Station in Cauthess. The power box is to the right of the Caravan.
  3. The final location is at the Cauthess Rest Area. The box is to the right of the giant red warehouse. When you inspect this one, you’ll get into a fight with some level 12 Voretooth’s.

Return to Holly for 4000 EXP and 10,000 gil.