Level 20 Quest

When you get to Cape Caem, go to the house near the lighthouse and speak to Talcott. He will tell you about the Cactuar figurines he collects, and Noctis will offer to pick up whatever ones he finds.

This will open up 2 quest lines that you need to complete in order to finish Talcott’s main quest: A Cactuar of Wood & A Cactuar of Mortar

While those two are the main quests, you can find 2 more secret cactuar statues that will give you new reactions from Talcott: A Cactuar of Marble & A Cactuar of Mythril.

Here’s where to find them all.

  • Cactuar of Wood –
    At the Wiz Chocobo Post sold by the merchant
  • Cactuar of Mortar – Found in Lestallum’s market place at an antique shop.
  • Cactuar of Marble – Buy from a merchant outside of the Leville Hotel in Altissia.
  • Cactuar of Mythril – This final statue can be found at the Formouth Garrison after clearing out the entire area (to the far left behind a white building). You’ll need a strong party in order to obtain this.