Level 35 Quest

This quest is available after rejoining up with Gladio. Go to Lestallum near the Cup Noodles truck and talk to your friend. He will give you a spiel about how amazing Cup Noodles are, and then ask what your favorite ingredient is. You have 3 options: Meat, Shrimp or Egg. Here are the scenarios depending on which one you pick. Talk to the man running Surgate’s Beanmine to get the quest location on your map.



You’ll need to travel to the Norduscaen Blockade and run to the map marker. You’ll find a level 35 Behemoth that you need to fight in order to get its meat. Once that’s done go to the nearest campsite to eat your noodles.



For this item you need to travel to Cape Caem. Follow the map marker and get into a fight with a level 35 Karlabos. Finish it off to acquire the shrimp and camp at the nearby haven.



This final ingredient makes you climb up the Rock of Ravatogh. At the top you’ll find a giant birds nest holding eggs. Take one, leave, and rest at a haven to finish the quest.

Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll receive another Cup Noodles recipe and 4000 EXP.