The Ever Regal Regalia – Level 7 Quest

This is the first quest you receive from Cindy in regards to upgrading your car, the Regalia. Approach Cindy at the Hammerhead when she has a yellow “?” above her. She will tell you about a rare car wax that another customer found. She’s planning on grabbing it for you, but Noctis offers for the team to get it themselves.

You’re sent off to an underground cave/ tunnel. You’ll find the wax sitting about halfway through said tunnel and you will have to fight some monsters in order to get it. I had to fight Goblins but it was night when I got there, so I’m not sure if anything different spawns during the day.

Bring it back to Cindy and get 150 EXP along with the ability to use the wax.

The Ever Elegant Regalia – Level 8 Quest

This next quest is pretty simple. Talk to Cindy and she will ask you for some Redstone Ore. If you don’t already have some, follow the map and grab it, fighting any enemies you come across. Return it to her for 500 EXP.

The Ever Gleaming Regalia – Level 10 Quest

When you return from finding the ore in the last quest, Cindy will bring up some Fiberglass that she heard about from another client. She sends the boys on a hunt for it, so travel over to Alstor Slough. You’ll find the fiberglass in a run down car behind a shack. Grab it and bring it back to Hammerhead for 600 EXP and the Fiberglass Coating.

The Ever Valorous Regalia – Level 26 Quest

Cindy’s next errand is for a supercharger, which is in Vesperpool. Wait until you’re able to get into the area, and when you are follow the map to the quest location. You will have to fight some Cockatrice, Chickatrice and Basilisks. The part is near a run down car, so grab it and return to Cindy for 1000 EXP.

The Ever Illustrious Regalia – Level 45 Quest

This car part requires you to finish the Crestholm Channels dungeon. Travel to the Crown City check point and fight the waves of low level soldiers. Once they’re gone, go through the opening in the gate to the right towards the water. Follow the path into the dungeon. The boys will say that the part is right above you, but as I said before, you won’t be able to access it until you’re able to get to the dungeon boss. Keep the quest on and after you’ve unlocked all of the locks leading to the boss chamber, follow the map to the part. When you return to Cindy, you’ll receive¬†3000 EXP.