The Aspiring Artisan – Level 6 Quest

After meeting Dino in the Chapter 1 story line, he calls you and asks for you to come back to Galdin Quay and talk with him. When you do so, he asks you to find him some more ore; this time an amethyst.


Follow the map marker and be ready to fight a couple waves of Magitech Soliders. Once they’re out of the way, go to the rock near where the soldiers were released and you should see a yellow sparkle. Pick it up and return to Dino. He will reward you with an Amethyst Bracelet & 500 EXP.

A Stone Studded Stunner – Level 15 Quest

Talk to Dino after completing the Aspiring Artisan for a new quest. He will send you on a search for three Heliodor Stones. Travel to the right place and be ready for some fights. The stones are all seperated, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for rocks covered in red splotches (I’m not sure if they’re flowers or just red rocks). These are scattered in various parts of the quest circle and you’ll find a Heliodor Stone at each one. While you’re searching you will be attacked by Magitech soldiers dropping out of ships from the sky. The longer it takes you to find your stones, the more you’ll have to fight.

When you’ve gotten them, return to Dino for 1000 EXP and a Heliodor Bracelet

Reliable Royalty – Level 20 Quest

Dino needs more precious stones, so drive out to the Wenneth Riverhead parking spot. Run from there to the quest area and fight some Sahagin, Killer Bees and Imperial Magitech’s along the way. The stone is all the way passed the rock ridge near the river. The rock it’s hiding near is covered in red splotches (flowers?), Return to Dino for 1500 EXP and a Sapphire Bracelet.

No Pain, No Gem – Level 25 Quest

Talk to Dino about finding a ruby. You’ll have to wait until Vesperpool is available to you. Once it is, drive out to the Myrlwoods dungeon. Run through it, keeping a lookout on the quest icon on your map. You’ll find the ruby on a rock once the quest circle has shown up, signalling you’re close by. Go back to Dino for 2000 EXP and a Ruby Bracelet.

A Treasure Beyond Measure – Level 55 Quest

Dino’s final mission has you looking for an emerald. You must travel to the Costlemark Dungeon in the Fallgrove in order to find it. This dungeon is a pain in the booty, so go in prepared. You’ll have to wait until nighttime to enter the tower, so hang around until the walkway lowers itself for you.

Arriving at the tower will give you the Costlemark Tower quest, but keep Dino’s quest up so you can see when you get close to the gem. Fight your way through until the map changes and you are within the quest circle. You’ll be surrounded by ruins so it’ll take a bit of searching. Look for a small path that leads downward among the rubble to find your prize.

Whenever you decide to leave the dungeon return to Dino for 3000 EXP and an Emerald Bracelet.