Scenic Delivery – Level 1 Quest

After completing Chapter 1, return to the Hammerhead Diner and talk to Takka (the man behind the counter). He will ask if you’d like to go hunt down some edibles for him, and gives you a quest to grab him a Lucien Tomato.


You may have already found one of these while exploring the area, but if not he sends you to Galdin Quay to buy one. Return to Takka and interact with the newspaper on the counter (talking to him directly brings up the info/food/hunt screen). He will reward you with Gighee Ham x2, Leiden Potato x2, Sheep Milk x2, Funguar x2 and 300 EXP.

Hunters and Gatherer’s – Level 6 Quest

This quest is only available after completing ‘Scenic Delivery’. Go to the Hammerhead Diner and talk to Takka. He will ask you to grab him some Daggerquill breasts. If you already have some then hand them over.(You can only get these from fighting the Daggerquill’s themselves.) If not, then follow the map marker and fight some Daggerquill’s. They are birds who like to stay in the air, so Warp – point to them if you can and knock them to the ground. Return to Takka when you have the meat and he’ll give you Cleigne Wheat x5, Dualhorn Steaks x5, Leiden Peppers x5 and 500 EXP

Emergency Delivery – Level 11 Quest

Available after Hunters and Gatherers quest

After you’ve dropped off the last quest to Takka a new one will appear. He needs some Garula Sirloin, but not just from a store. He wants it fresh so it’s time to go hunting!

(There is a chance that you may already have some on you. If that’s the case then go ahead and hand it over now.)

Head over to the map quest marker and fight some Garula’s. Once their down you’ll receive some sirloin and be told to return to Hammerhead.

Hand the meat over to get 1000 EXP, Cleigne Wheat x5, Killer Tomato x5 and Saxham Rice x5.

Everyone Loves Beans – Level 22 Quest

Takka sends you on a mission for beans, much to Noctis’ dismay. Travel to Longwythe Peak and fight a group of Havocfangs. Grab the beans and take them back to Taka for 1500 EXP, Leiden Pepper x5, Hulldagh Nutmeg x5 and Killer Tomato x5.

Lestallum’s Finest – Level 28 Quest

Takka asks Noct to buy him some ingrediants that he can only get from Lestallum. When you get to the merchant, he tells you that part of their shipment fell off of the truck. Travel to the Coernix Station in Cauthess and run over to the map marker. Fight a level 32 Garulessa and grab the shipment. Return to Lestallum, then go back to the Hammerhead and talk to Takka. You’ll receiveĀ 2000 EXP, Griffon Breast x2, Saxham Rice x5, and Schier Turmeric x5.