Kitty Catering – Level 1 Quest

Cats! I love cats, and the cat we help in this quest is adorable, as all cats tend to be (yes I’m a bit biased….)

Anyway, you find this quest in Galdin Quay after you first talk to Dino. As you walk back along the walkway, a cat will meow at you. There will be a “?” above its head, so go and interact with it.

After Noctis talks to it for a moment, you’ll have to go and catch it a fish. Follow the map marker to another pier and have fun gong through a fishing tutorial.

Once you’ve caught a fish, return to the cat and find out that it’s a picky eater. You must now walk back to the restaurant and ask the chef to cook up the fish for you. Once she does, you can return to the cat and feed it.

As a reward you will receive Dragon Scales x 1 and 600 EXP.

A Feline Feast – Level 20 Quest

You’ll find our feline friend in Cape Caem behind the lighthouse sitting on a box. Speak to Monica and you’re given the choice to either buy some cat food from the vendor (for 20,000 gil), or catch a Dark Allural Sea Bass. I recommend catching the fish for Noctis’ records (and for your wallet), but do whichever you prefer. Bring either the fish to Monica to cook and then to the cat, or bring the cat food you bought to the cat.

You’ll get 1200 EXP and a Sky Gemstone as your reward.