Gone Hunting – Level 5 Quest

This side quest is the first one you come across within Final Fantasy XV. It will pop up when you deliver the package that Cindy placed in the back of your car after fixing it. Once it’s been delivered, a man will approach you saying a letter was attached to the package that must be delivered to Dave, the man you saved during Cindy’s other quest. Agree to take it to him to begin!

Luckily the guy we need is directly across the street from where you currently stand. Go over and talk to Dave and he will explain what tags are used for. He asks you to go collect one that he’s heard of, and a new marker will appear on your map.

Follow the map to the place in question. When you arrive, the marker will change to further away. When you get there you will have to fight a few enemies before you’re able to pick up the tag.

Once you have it, return to Dave and he will give you your reward: Hi – potion x 10 & 500 EXP.

Dust to Dust – Level 8 Quest

Dave is needing our help once again, and this time he’s located at the Prairie Outlet. Talk to him and Noctis will agree to hunt down some more dog tags. Follow the map marker to a small gated area where you will need to fight some Arak’s and Daggerquill’s. When they’re taken care of, the tags are next to the broken down car.

Return to Dave for 600 EXP and Mega – Potion x5

Final Resting Plains – Level 10 Quest

Find Dave at Coernix Station and he will ask you to find another dog tag. This one is underneath Rydielle Ley on your map. Fight a few Garula’s and pick up the tag near the small shack in the area. Return to Coernix Station for 800 EXP and Elixir x10.

A Rocky End – Level 12 Quest

Dave is standing at the Cauthess Rest Area and asks you to pick up another tag. Follow your map and fight a group of Valetooth’s. You’ll find the tag on a giant rock within the quest circle. Return to Dave for 1000 EXP and Hi-Elixirs x10.

Swallowed By Shadows – Level 17 Quest

Find Dave at the Taelpar Rest Area and get ready to track down yet another tag. Fast travel to the Fallgrove parking spot and run to the map marker. You’ll have a group of level 20 Centipedes waiting for you, so fight them before proceeding. The tag is in the middle of a nearby building with logs inside. Return to the hunter for 1200 EXP and Hi-Elixir x10

A Backwoods Burial – Level 20 Quest

Speak to Dave in Old Lestallum and begin the quest for another dogtag. This one is located South of Callatean’s Plunge. Drive as close as you can and park; you may have to fight some Imperials on your way. The tag is nearby in a shack and you’ll have to fight some level 22 Havocfangs before you can grab it. Once they’ve been put down return to Dave for 1500 EXP and Phoenix Down x10.

Washed Away – Level 22 Quest

Directly after turning in the previous quest, Dave will give you another one. Fast travel to the Wenneth Riverhead parking spot and fight a few Sahagin, Seadevils and Magitech Troopers. The tag is on the river’s edge behind some trees. Return to Old Lestallum for 1800 EXP and Phoenix Down x10.

Mountains of Misfortune – Level 35 Quest

This dogtag is in Vesperpool. Talk to Dave to hear about it and start the hunt. Follow the map to a level 35 Cockatrice you must defeat before continuing on. The tag is by a stone wall near where you fought the monster. Return it to Dave for 2000 EXP and Mega-Elixir x5.

Witch of the Woods – Level 40 Quest

This is the final quest you receive from Dave. In order to access it, travel to Verinas Mart Ravatogh and talk to the old man in charge of the food cart. Pick the info option and he will mark where Dave was last seen.

Travel to the spot (in the Malmalam Thicket) and talk to him about a witch that lives nearby. Talk to her at the House of Hexes which is located North and to the left from where you’re talking to Dave.  Kimya (the witch) gives you permission to enter the woods, so enter to begin your final dog tag search. Follow the dungeon up to where the Tomb of the King lies. You’ll find the tag near a large rock. Return to Kimya and she will explain why she is called a witch. Take the tag back to Dave at the Meldacio Hunter’s HQ and you’ll get 2500 EXP and Mega Phoenix x5.