To access this Intervention Quest, you have to have finished ‘Never Cross the Boss’. The Undead Princess is who we are helping out this time, so watch the scene with her and get ready for a fight!

Battle Prep

Stack #1 – Jiant, Dualizard, Slyph

Stack #2 – Jiant, Bloodeye, Tama (or any stack that allows you to use Fira)

Battle vs. Metalliskull x3

Hp – 2055 (each)

Elemental Resistances: -25 Fire / +25 Ice / -75 Wind / +75 Earth / -50 Light / +50 Darkness

They are very weak to Wind, so have Stack #1 hit the enemies with whatever Wind magic you have available. The other Stack can use Fire magic and heal whenever you can. They should go down pretty quickly.

Reward – Metalliskull Memento / Spider Silk x2