So I know it’s old school, but Final Fantasy 8 is my all time favorite Final Fantasy. On top of that, I’m not a fan of fighting and leveling up if I don’t have to, so I thought I would put up this guide while I’m playing through the game on my Youtube! Low level means that you may level up a bit throughout the game, but no more than 10 levels or so. With that being said, let’s get started!


Balamb Garden


After watching the beautiful opening scene (it still gives me the chills), follow Quistis through the Garden until you are able to move around on your own. You’ll be in a classroom, so sit back down in the seat you just stood up from and access the computer terminal.

Click on the tutorial section to acquire two GF’s: Quezacotl and Shiva. While you’re in there, go ahead and read through the different tabs. You’ll find some interesting and funny information. When you’re ready, go join Quistis in the front of the room.

If you talk to the three students standing off to the side before and after talking to Quistis, you’ll be able to see just how hardcore her fan base really is.

Your end goal is the Garden’s entrance, but as soon as you leave the classroom you’ll bump into an exchange student. You have the option to show her around the school. Your choice doesn’t affect anything in the long run, but if you don’t know your way around it’s better if you give her a tour.

If you choose not to, continue down the hall and towards the elevator. A man will stop you and give you 7 Triple Triad cards. This is a popular card game that we will get more into later. (Even if you do show Selphie around, the guy will still stop you on your way down to the map.)

Explore whatever rooms you’d like, and when you’re ready head to the entrance to see Quistis. She will walk you through the Junctioning tutorial for GF’s and then ask if you’re ready to go. Before you leave, junction Quez to Squall and Shiva to Quistis. Run back to the Garden and go into the Training Center. Get into a battle with a lone Grat and draw 100 Sleeps or Silences. When you’ve maxed one of them out, junction it to Quez’s Magic slot.

Rejoin Quistis and set out to the Fire Cavern.

Fire Cavern


We have a couple of things to do before actually entering the Fire Cavern. Go towards the mountains and get into a fight with a Glacial Eye. Have Squall draw 100 Blizzards and Quistis draw 100 Cures. Once you’ve gotten them run away. Set Quistis’ Cures on Shiva’s SPR slot, and make sure Squall can use magic.

Next, go into the forest and fight a Catchipillar. Kill it and (hopefully) obtain a Spider Web. Go into the items in your menu and use the spider web on Quistis so she’ll learn the Blue Magic spell Ultra Webs.

Finally, go into the GF section of your menu and set  up the abilities you want our magical protectors to learn. Have Quez set to learn Card, and Shiva set to learn I Mag RF (Ice Magic Refi).

As you make your way thtough the Cavern, avoid fighting any random battles so that you don’t level up. There is a Fire draw point to the right at the 4 way crossroads if you’d like to grab that. Continue straight ahead when you’re ready!

Battle vs. Ifrit

This first boss battle isn’t really difficult at all. Have Squall cast Blizzards and Quistis summon Shiva. Squall can heal when needed, but just keep chipping away at his Hp ntil he gives in and comes with you.

You’ll receive Ifrit’s Card and some AP. Keep the card because it’s one of the best ones you’ll have for a little while.

Head back out of the cave (still avoiding random encounters) and go back to Garden.

That’s it for part 1! Hopefully this helps you and I’ll see you in Part 2!!!!!