This quest pops up once you’ve passed through Icicle Ridge and have said goodbye to Refia and Sherlotta. The scene that plays out is pretty funny, and we end up back in the Nether Nebula. Watch Sherlotta be a boss, and then get ready for a fight!

Battle Prep

Our fight is against Shiva, who is an ice mage. So the following stacks will be fire based.

Stack #1 – Jiant, Red Cap, Black Nakk

Stack #2 – Jiant, Blood Eye, Tama (make sure at least 2 of your stack members have Fire learned so you can use Fira)

Battle vs. Shiva

Hp – 4480

Elemental Resistances – -50 Fire / +100 Ice / +50 Wind / -100 Darkness

Have Stack #1 use Red Fang or Channel Element: Fire, while Stack #2 uses Fira, Foxfire, or Channel Element: Darkness. Make sure you keep up on healing since having Fire stacks are weak against her ice magic. Be sure to have over half your Hp at all times because her Diamond Dust hits for a decent amount that and can take your whole party out quickly.

When she’s down watch the end scene to finish the quest!

Reward – Solid Fragicite x2