Watch the video here!

This whole quest is pretty funny. We are once again in Cormelia with the Princess and the Warrior of Light. Watch the scene and get ready for a fight!

Battle Prep

I recommend going through all of Saronia before doing this since our Goblin Princess is weak to water. Here’s how I stacked my peeps.

Stack #1 – Jiant, Sharquel, Moogle (w/ Water learned)

Stack #2 – Jiant, Dualizard, Bablizz (From Shiva battle. If you didn’t battle Shiva, replace her with Sylph).

Battle vs. Goblin Princess

HP – 3610

Elemental Resistance – +25 Fire / -25 ice / +25 Thunder / -25 Wind / -25 Water / +25 Earth / -25 Light / +25 Darkness

If both Sharquel and the Moogle have Water, you’ll be able to hit her with Watera, dealing a good chunk of damage each hit. Have the other stack use Wind / Ice attacks as well as heal when needed. She should fall pretty quickly.

Watch the ending scene and you’ll receive a Hi – potion x1 and a Princess Goblin Memento.