Hello! So, World of Final Fantasy has been out for a week now and I’ve been able to play through a good chunk of it. I’m really liking it for the most part, so let’s get this review started!



With this being a Square Enix game, no one should be surprised that the battle system is a bit silly. There are two different forms in which you can do battle, Lilikin and Jiant. The form you choose determines the types of mirage’s (in game monsters) you can fight with. You can only use mirages that you’ve already caught throughout the game Pokemon style. Each mirage has its own set of stats and abilities that add on to you and other mirages stacked with it.

When I say stacked, I mean it literally. As a Jiant (your characters bigger form) you can have a small and medium mirage stacked on top of your head. If you’re in Lilikin form, you are the medium sized one, so you can be standing on a large mirage with a small one balanced on your head. The mirage’s health combine with yours to make you a tougher foe.

I like the unique way they chose to go about this. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it makes the turn based battle mechanics a little less boring. You have to read the environment and try to guess which mirages you need for upcoming boss battles based off of their abilities, and each one is really fun to look at. Their ability trees are different enough that they all feel like their own monster and not just a clone of all the others.


Character Development

Ok, so I usually love Final Fantasy characters. Their quirks are what make them lovable and memorable. That being said, some of these characters make me want to rip my hair out.

Reynn is fine. I can handle her because she’s snarky and I love it. Lann however is an idiot. I’m really hoping that he chills out once we get towards the end of the game, but I don’t think he will. The way his lines are written are terrible, and I’m sure the jokes he makes are much funnier in Japanese. It comes down to translation and things that don’t work well from one language to another.

I like Tama (your fox companion) as a mirage, but the way she injects the word ‘the’ intp random places makes listening to her difficult. I’m sure it was supposed to be cute, like moogles saying ‘kupo’, but it didn’t work the way they wanted in my opinion.

They did a good job with keeping certain characters mysterious though. I’m a big fan of The Masked Woman and the Girl Who Forgot Her Name because you have no idea what they want. It gives you a reason to keep playing.



Everything is very pretty and colorful. This was to be expected since we are talking about Square, but it’s always nice to see something contrasting the dark grittiness we’ve been seeing with Final Fantasy XV (don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited about XV as well).

They went to more cartoon – y route which fits the style of the game well. The monster catching aspect is hard to illustrate in too many ways, and they meshed the art well by adding in chibi versions of all the characters within the game.

The landscapes and dungeons are breath taking. Each creates its own atmosphere that feels like you’re actually there with them. Field barriers add more to it and help keep the mirages invested in the story.



The major selling point of World of Final Fantasy was that you get to see characters from your favorite Final Fantasy game. While they changed the story lines of the characters, they kept true to the essence of where they came from. The areas you visit take you back to times when you were absorbed in whichever game you love the most.

They brought in a nice mix of characters from all of the games, some well known and some less so. The biggest surprise for me was Quistis. Final Fantasy 8 is my all time favorite, and you rarely see her in anything. When I ran into her I squealed like a little kid! Hearing characters speak that never spoke in their own games is fun too.

Lenn and Reynn have an air of mystery to them like a few of the other new characters, making you want to continue the story just to find out. Even if you don’t like them, the story is set up in such a way that you want to keep playing.


Trophies / Collectibles

My favorite part of any game. WOFF doesn’t disappoint! With a total of 49 trophies, a lot of those only achieved after you collect a bunch of other stuff, you will busy for a long while.

The collectibles are broken down into three categories: Mirages, Intervention quests and Side quests. Mirages are needed to battle, so you begin collecting those quickly. But there are a lot of them and some aren’t very easy to find. You have a book in the twin’s room that you can view in order to see how many you’ve seen / caught.

Intervention quests are unlocked with Arma Gems and show you tidbits about Final Fantasy characters lives with Grymoire. They end with a boss battle and are a fun way to experience beloved characters!

Side quests are given to you by villagers throughout the game. These are usually fetch quests which give you small rewards once you complete them. They are a nice break from the Mirage catching.

All in all I very much enjoyed World of Final Fantasy. It’s a fun game with a decent story and some beautiful art! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you later.