So I was able to play the demo to World of Final Fantasy (you can watch it here), and decided to give you my first impressions before playing the full game itself tonight!

My Thoughts

The characters are adorable and the setting is beautiful. I got to see a few characters I really like just in the demo which made me extremely happy.

The battle system is your typical turn based kind. I’ve always really enjoyed turn based fighting because it gives you enough time to think about what you want to do. That being said, the way they’ve set up the system is a bit confusing. There are two different menus, one of which gives you many more options and abilities that the other doesn’t have. However, you have to really read the screen in order to know the second menu is even there.

There are also a bunch little monsters that you can catch. It’ very Pokemon – esqe because they can also level up and transform. These monster correlate to some trophies you can get for catching them all! This will be a good and bad thing. I LOVE collecting stuff. But the sheer number of possible monsters you can find sounds overwhelming and may become annoying.

The two main characters are your typical Final Fantasy people. They aren’t overly irritating and they both seem useful.

The demo took you through just a dungeon, so I’m not sure how the scenes will be. The dungeon itself was beautiful so I’m not worried.

The last thing I’ll say is that the Champions you can use in fights are fantastic! You only get access to Tidus from FFX in the demo, but whenever you use him a scene plays referencing a whole bunch of stuff from his game. It gave a huge nostalgia kick. They allow you to fast forward through his animation so you don’t have to watch it over and over which is a great addition!

That’s it from me! I’m super excited to play, and will be posting about it for awhile as well! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you later.