Here are 5 worlds that I’m hoping to see in Kingdom Hearts 3! More diversity would be a great thing, so even if none of these make it in, hopefully others just as good will.


Treasure Planet

I feel like Treasure Planet would a super fun world to explore within the Kingdom Hearts universe. Tron worked out really well as one of KH’s first ‘sci-fi’ worlds, and Treasure Planet is a mix of sci – fi and fantasy so it seems like a great back drop.

It would also bring in a real person as a villain and not some cartoony monster. Yes, they’re technically aliens, but we have the father figure tension between Jim and Silver that would make the boss fight that much more sad. Since Sora is getting older it could be a good story arc to bring in. Sora and Jim are of similar age and therefore could fight/work together well.


Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

Hunchback is my all time favorite Disney movie and I don’t think they did it justice in Dream Drop Distance. Hunchback 2 was pretty good, so I hope they incorporate more of the world into the game. Sarousch would be a fantastic villain because of all the tricks he could pull out during fights. It would also be fun to have a circus level that isn’t Pinocchio.


Atlantis: The Lost Empire

The magic in Atlantis is a lot different than you’re typical magic. Going somewhere that is a real life myth would be really cool, especially because Milo is just a normal guy who is determined to prove his grandpa isn’t crazy. There’s the potential for underwater scenes that isn’t in Atlantica, which would be a nice change. Bringing in Kida as another strong female is a good thing as well. Disney is really weird about making their ladies either very strong or very emotional. There isn’t mush of an in between in my opinion.


Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

Despite Atlantica being known as one of the worst worlds in the franchise, I feel like they could make up for it by continuing on with the story line. Return to the Sea has many more types of environments for the trio to visit, and a lot less actual underwater time. We have Ariel and Eric’s castle and  Morgana’s ice cave that would be super cool to explore.

Morgana herself would an interesting boss because she’s very different from Ursula. The vibe of the battle would be much different, plus we don’t have to worry about her turning giant.


Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Finally, we have Aladdin and the King of Thieves. I strongly disliked the previous Aladdin worlds, but KOT is another one of my favorite Disney movies, and I feel like it has a lot of different kinds of landscapes for Sora to explore. It makes sense chronologically too since they’ve already gone through the original story line as well as Return of Jafar.

Kassim is an interesting character all on his own, and he brings in more dimension when it comes to Aladdin’s personality. We see him angry due to his father’s abandonment and his progress through forgiveness. Disney is really big on stuff like that, so it would be a good choice from their view point and from a gaming one.