A remaster of the first 2 Dead Rising games has recently come out, and I’ve gotten my hands on #1! I was never able to play the original because I only ever had a Playstation.

This isn’t going to be a review since I’ve only played a couple of hours, but I do have some thoughts that I thought I would share.

My Thoughts So Far…

Graphically it doesn’t look bad. I can definitely see the old school Xbox era blocky-ness going on with some of the character models, but for the most part they were able to upgrade it enough to where it isn’t a distraction. All of the zombies milling about look awesome, each one with it’s own individual move pattern. The mall is very defined; each store unique and not blurry or bland.

The camera aspect is new to me. I played Dead Rising 2 back in the day and I don’t remember cameras ever being a thing, probably because of the change in protagonist. It’s an interesting ‘mini – game – esque’ idea. The controls make it easy to access and therefore not overly annoying.

Frank West himself is irritating, but that’s to be expected from a Capcom game. Very rarely do I find myself getting attached to any character they create. The story is one I’ve heard before, but that’s why I’m playing it! I want the ridiculous zombie goodness that Dead Rising gives.

I’m VERY happy with the trophies that the remaster gives. Going through the list I see that there are a good variety of obstacles and challenges that you must complete as well as silly things like putting a certain number of mascot heads on unsuspecting zombies. I am super excited to go through and win them all!

That’s about it for this blog! I am uploading my play through of Dead Rising HD on my Youtube channel, so if you’re interested in seeing that you can click here. Otherwise, thanks for reading and I’ll see you later!