A Quick Overview

When I first played through Kingdom Hearts 2 (as a 14 year old) I didn’t care much for Roxas. He was whiny and super depressing. As I played through the story, I began to understand why he was that way, but I still didn’t like him much.

Fast forward to 358/2 Days. Seeing his full backstory made me think differently. It’s very sad that he went through the things he did (finding out he was a Nobody, gaining memories that weren’t his, losing 2 of his best friends) and I started to appreciate him more as a character.

When Birth by Sleep was announced we got to meet Ventus and my opinion on Roxas changed from ‘eh, he’s OK,’ to the two of them becoming some of my favorite characters in the series. Both stories are heartbreaking; Ventus did what he could to help his friends and ended up in a coma that he has yet to wake up from because of it.

Now we are here at the brink of Kingdom Hearts 3 being released (yes, I know it probably won’t come out for at least another year. But we are SO much closer than we ever have been!) and I’m hoping that they’re story line gets a conclusion.

Here’s My Theory…

From trailers that have been released, as well as the opening to Dream Drop Distance and story bits we have picked up from all of the side games, there’s going to be a confrontation: 7 wielders of lights (keyblade wielders) and the 13 wielders of darkness (Xehanort). I believe the 7 will include Ventus, but not Roxas.

My reasoning is this: Roxas was never actually a person. Yes, that may be harsh seeing as he managed to develop a personality and memories of his own over time, but we all knew from the get go that he would’ve never existed if Sora hadn’t sacrificed his own heart back in KH1. I do think Roxas will show up at some point during KH3, just not as a wielder of light.

Now the issue with this idea is that Ventus is still asleep. We know that  a chunk of KH3 will revolve around Aqua finding Sora since Square Enix is dedicating a whole side game to just her journey through the Darkness.

It was explained that Ventus’ heart is no longer whole due to the events at the end of BBS, and that baby Sora had joined his heart with Ventus back in the beginning because of damage done to him from Master Xehanort. I feel like the only way for Ven to wake up is Sora physically finding him and allowing the piece of Ventus’ heart that resides within himself to go back.

This would seem like a crazy theory if we hadn’t already seen it happen before. Kairi’s heart had taken refuge within Sora at the beginning of KH1, so why couldn’t Sora release Ven’s heart the same way he released Kairi’s.

The problem we are now facing is the fact that Sora may once again turn into a Heartless. He got lucky the first time because Kairi was nearby, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she can save him again. Then again, maybe she can. Maybe his light being alongside him at the time of his heart being released will be enough to pull him out of darkness once again.

A cool way Square could approach this would be for Sora to physically go to Castle Oblivion and find the comatose Ventus. A fleshed out Castle Oblivion sounds like an awesome world to explore, especially since Sora will be seeing it for the first time (at least as far as he remembers). Waking up Ventus would then help Sora on his journey to free Terra, but that’s for another theory blog.

Hopefully all of that made sense! The story of Kingdom Hearts is a crazy one, but one I love nonetheless. Thanks for sticking with me and reading through the whole thing. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment!