Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness is a visual novel that takes place in the Psycho Pass universe. The game was developed by 5pb and published by NIS America.


Game play is very simple, as you would expect from a visual novel. You are asked to make choices throughout the game that determine how certain scenarios will play out later. At the start you are given the choice between two new characters not yet seen in the Psycho Pass universe, both with a slightly different story-line. The option to manually go through all of the text is there, but you are also able to set it to auto which pushes the conversations along without your help.


The story is pivitol to a visual novel, since game play is scarce, and Psycho Pass doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t watched the anime, it’s recommended that you should. However, they do a good job of going over all the basics so you know what is going on. As stated above, you get to pick one of two new characters to play, each with their own unique story line and view point. Everyone from the show is present, so if you have watched it, you’ll get to see some familiar faces!


You are either Inspector Nadeshiko Kugatachi or Enforcer Takuma Tsurugi, the newest member of Unit One, a police unit of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division. You are sent out almost immediately on your first mission where you start to see a bigger picture form that will continue throughout the rest of the game. The game itself is broken up into chapters, each one going over different crimes that all blend into the main story plot.


While you do have the option to turn all of the voice acting off, it really adds to the story as a whole to hear them speaking to each other. Japanese audio is the only option available, but the voice cast is so good that I prefer it anyway. The entire cast is from the anime, with the exception of the two new characters, and the characters themselves act and sound the way they should. Everyone has their own unique personality and fits into the team very well.


All trophies are story based, some of which require a couple play throughs to set off within Mandatory Happiness which is typical for a visual novel. I have very much enjoyed playing it, and if you like crime drama’s mixed with some sci-fi then you’ll like it as well!

I would like to thank NIS America for supplying me with a review copy of the game, and thank you for taking your time to read this!