Fushigi Yuugi was the first anime I ever watched back when I was 10 years old. I only got a couple episodes in before my dad told me to wait until I was older, but I never forgot about it. Years later I found it again when I was in high school and proceeded t watch the entire series as well as the OVA’s. Fast forward even more years to now. I’ve recently re-watched the show with a more critical eye and I’m ready to talk about it!


Miaka Yuuki, an average middle school student caught up in studying for exams, is sucked into an ancient Chinese novel titled “The Universe of Four Gods”. There she discovers that she is in an ancient country in what is now China, Konan, and is to be the Priestess of one of the four gods, Suzaku. As the priestess, her duty is to gather the Seven Seishi of Suzaku, who are to be her protectors. Once they are gathered, the priestess will summon the god Suzaku and bring peace between the warring lands, Konan and Kutou. But it’s harder than it seems. Along the road, many hardships are faced, as Miaka’s best friend Yui Hongo enters the book and becomes her rival, the priestess of Seiryuu in the land of Kutou. Who summons their god first is up to the courage and skill of the priestesses and their seishi, as they meet triumphs and tragedies along the way.

What I Liked About It

The story in general is an interesting one. The idea of being sucked into the past via a book (or in this case, a scroll) is very appealing to me. The battle between friends is a good way to keep the drama going as well as keeping the audience wondering what will happen next.

I like the relationship between Miaka and Tama later in the series once they get over the childish junk they go through in the beginning. I’m not a fan of either of them in general (I feel as though they have the weakest personalities), but Tamahome shines when it comes to his family. The arc involving his siblings is one that makes me cry to this day.

I love Hotohori, Tasuki and Chichiri out of the group. I feel like they grow the most as far as their personalities are concerned and they have great back stories.

What I Disliked

The animation is not looking good 10 plus years later. It’s really hard to watch now that I’ve gotten used to modern day animations.

The English voice acting is horrendous. There’s maybe one or two characters that sound alright, but the rest are so bad that I actually stopped watching about halfway through because I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Yui is one of the worst characters in the show in my opinion. There is nothing likable about her. She’s bratty, over dramatic and just all around dull. I did not feel bad for her once the entire time even though the show was trying to get me to. I think the drama between her and Miaka could’ve been so much better if she was stronger as a character, and the show suffered because she wasn’t.

Harem’s and reverse harem’s have always irritated me because they make no sense. It’s very hard to imagine numerous people falling in love with the same person almost instantly, especially when the main character generally has no personality. Luckily, Miaka has a lot of personality, so it makes a little more sense, but not much.

Final Thoughts

This anime holds a lot of nostalgia for me, and for that reason alone I will go back to it every now and again. But this is not something I would recommend to anyone. There are much better harem/reverse harem anime you could be watching. It’s not the worst show ever, but it does have very noticeable flaws that make it hard to watch.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have anything you’d like to add to the discussion, please feel free to comment!