This guide is going to cover every puzzle you can do in Nero. Following this guide will snag you the trophy Completion Serenity.

The Cave


This is the very first puzzle you come across. It’s super easy, all you need to do is interact with the podiums until all three notches are lined up together at the top.


You will eventually come to a fork in the road forcing you to go left or right. If you go to the left, you’ll see a large statue of a crying woman. Follow the path that leads up the hill towards the statue and step on the pad at the top. A stone pillar will rise and you will need to aim your magic at the correct spot in order to finish the puzzle.


Number 3 is found down the right path of the fork. In the middle of the room is a large stone pillar. Along the walls you’ll find 3 smaller pillars, all of which need to be hit with your magic in order to complete the puzzle.


This puzzle is the second one you are required to solve in order to proceed forward with the game. A large door with the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ monkeys stands between you and the exit. In the middle of the room is a fountain with lights coming out of it. Interact with the podium to make a pillar pop out of the water. Hit it with your magic and turn it blue. Do this two more times and the door will open.


You come up to this door after meeting up with your second character. Set him to stand on one button while you stand on the other to open the door.


You pass up this room after meeting up with your second character. Position him on one of the three circles and then stand on the square button where the character is in the picture above. The circles will rise except for the one that the bigger guy is standing on. Repeat this with the other circles until the puzzle is finished.


This is the second to last puzzle of the game. With these, you need to turn the yellow dots blue. Hitting one with your magic turns all of the dots in the same row as the one that was hit blue. This first dot puzzle is super easy.

  1. (far left) – Hit the dot in the very middle of the X.
  2. (middle left) – Hit any dot on both the top and bottom rows
  3. (middle right) – Hit the middle dot on the symbol (I think that’s enough to turn it all blue, if not hit whatever dot is still yellow).
  4. (far right) – Hit top left dot and bottom right dot.


With this final puzzle, you must line up the three dots within the two yellow lines at the top of the circle. Each dot is controlled by one of the three objects you see in the picture above. There isn’t really anything I can say to make this any easier since it’s all about timing.

The Forest


This ‘puzzle’ is to the left of the first fork when you enter the Forest. Up the hill is a tire swing glowing with yellow lights. Aim your magic to hit the tire as it swings passed to solve the puzzle.


This is the first mandatory puzzle you hit in the Forest section. You must make all of the lights in the trunk of this giant tree blue. To do so, go up to the podiums that are sitting in front of the yellow lines and interact with them. Once they’re all blue, a pillar will pop out in the middle of the trunk. Hit it with your magic to finish the puzzle.


After getting through the last puzzle, you’ll walk through an abandoned town. If you stay to the right, you’ll see this next puzzle sitting on the waters edge. You must line up all of the yellow lines with each other by standing on the squares. This can be a bit time consuming since it’s a timing thing, but an easy way to keep track is to remember that all of the squares need to be lined up at a slight angle for the puzzle to be solved.


Super easy mandatory puzzle is next. Set your second character to stand on the square while you aim your magic at the pillar that pops up to open the gate.


These tall pillars are meant to represent the face of a clock. If you look around the area, you’ll find random clocks set to 10 o’clock, giving you a hint to what we need to do here. Go into the middle of the circle and count six pillars away from 12. Hit it with your magic, and then do the same for ten.


Straight passed the clock puzzle and all the way down the path way is a pond. Stand on the button sitting right before the water to trigger this puzzle. The goal is to turn all of the buttons blue. Walk along the circle stepping on every button you pass. If you step on an already blue button and turn it yellow, simply back up a bit and step on it again to make it blue once more. Do this for the entire circle until the puzzle is finished.


If you go up from the last puzzle and to the left, and then stay right, you’ll come upon this stone. This puzzle is very easy, each podium controls one of the four circles in the picture. Turn the circles until the picture looks right to solve it.


Keep going from the last puzzle and further to the right so that you’re in the forest. You should find a path that leads down into a little closed off area with another one of these dot puzzles. Use the podiums to line up both faces that have six dots on each. Hit the top left dot with your magic and the bottom right dot to solve it.


This is the final puzzle of this level. Simply walk in a circle, making sure to step on every button while you do so.

The Hospital

Snapshot 1 (8-30-2016 2-50 PM).png

The first puzzle of the Hospital section is to the right at the first fork you come across when entering the hospital itself. Using the 3 podiums, you must line up the 3 holes in the book shelves and then shoot your magic through them and at the pillar on the other side.

Snapshot 2 (8-30-2016 2-55 PM)

This is yet another dot puzzle. Make sure the jellyfish picture in the background is correct and start hitting dots. This one is a bit more complicated, so you’ll need to really concentrate if this kind of puzzle isn’t your thing.

Snapshot 3 (8-30-2016 3-05 PM).png

This puzzle is located in one of the corners of the first floor. This is similar to the last puzzle of the Forest because all you need to do is walk in a circle while making sure to step on every button along the way.

Snapshot 4 (8-30-2016 3-09 PM)

This puzzle is all about timing. In the restaurant you’ll find 3 lights hanging over one of the tables. Aim and shoot your magic so that it goes through all 3 hoops in a row. This may get a bit tricky since the last light is swinging.

Snapshot 5 (8-30-2016 3-10 PM).png

The fountain is in the very middle of the first floor. Once again, all you need to do it walk around the fountain while making sure to step on each button as you walk by.

Snapshot 6 (8-30-2016 3-10 PM)

This first electricity puzzle is found in a corner on the second floor. Set your other character to stand on the button to the right. A burst of electricity will come out of the button and run along the length of wire that leads to the wall. When the burst is about halfway to the wall, interact with the podium to send out a second spark. They should meet at the wall simultaneously, solving the puzzle.

Snapshot 7 (8-30-2016 3-11 PM)

This extremely frustrating puzzle is within the women’s ward on the second floor. Have your other character stand on the button to the far left. Have your magic ready to throw and position yourself to the right next to the large round button. You have to be very quick; walk sideways so you can see the pillar that pops up as you step on the large button and walk over to the middle button. Aim and throw the magic before the timer runs out and the pillar goes back into the floor.

Snapshot 8 (8-30-2016 3-11 PM)

This one is a little different than all of the previous puzzles we’ve encountered so far. In another corner of the second floor is a staircase blocked by a gate. To the left is a podium too high up to reach. Walk up a little ramp and position your other character on the button to the left. You will rise up, so walk over to the podium. Now set the other character to walk just passed the gate and interact with the podium when he gets there. Once he’s walked by, set him to stand on another nearby button to finish the puzzle.

Snapshot 9 (8-30-2016 3-11 PM)

We’ve reached the final puzzle for this level! Position yourself passed the 3 buttons and facing the pillar. Aim and throw your magic which will release a spark. Make sure you’ve hit the right spot before moving. As soon as you see the spark leave the pillar, walk across all 3 buttons to set off 3 more sparks. They should all meet up at the wall and complete the puzzle.

The Desert

Snapshot 1 (8-30-2016 3-32 PM)

Our final puzzle of the game is a mandatory dot one. Start by spinning the middle section of the cube so that 3 dots are positioned under a single dot on the side that is facing you from the podium (on the left). Hit the far right middle dot on that same face with your magic. Move left two faces and hit the very bottom right dot with magic. Go back to the podium and interact with it once. Go to the original face we started at and hit the far right dot in the middle section with magic to complete the puzzle.

You should get the trophy as soon as the narrator finishes talking!