Recommended level – 43

East of the pier near the Nilfgaardian Embassy in Toussaint, you’ll find a bard calling for Geralt. Talk to him to hear about a missing hairdresser that he wants us to find. If you accept you’ll be directed to knock down the salon’s door with Aard. Examine the tools sitting on the stations as well as the advertisement nailed to the post nearby.

Head upstairs and read the note to the right from Edgard Lavalliere. Examine everything, saving the table for last. As soon as you examine the table to quest moves on. Follow Le Papillon outside and to a field. Here we will fight a lone Archespore (use Igni). After the battle, continue to follow our guide to further into the forest.

At the next stop is an empty basket and footprints. Follow them using Geralt’s witcher sense to a cave. Get ready for a fight before entering.

There are two different ways to go about this fight, but the reward is the same regardless.

Option #1

During the confrontation with the knight you are given two responses. You have to choose quickly because you are timed. Choosing “The hair will grow back” makes Geralt fight the entire group at once.

Option #2

At the option part, choose “That’s not very chivalric”. You will fight only the knight. Upon defeating him, all of his comrades will leave.

Regardless of which you pick, the hairdresser will give you 150 gold and the quest will end.