Telltale is at it again with another episodic game, this time centering around Batman. We get to see both sides of the Dark Knight throughout the episode as the game tries to build a unique narrative within a universe we’ve seen many times now.


The first episode is always a pivotal part in an episodic game since they want the players coming back to it later. I’m on the fence with Telltale’s version of Batman though. Yes, it’s something I haven’t seen before story wise, (I won’t spoil it, go play it to find out) but it’s not really enough to draw me in either. I find myself not really caring about the answer to the ‘big question’ presented at the end of the episode. Hopefully my view changes upon the release of the rest of the game.


As with all other Telltale games, the graphic style is very comic book looking. This is actually a really nice thing when it comes to Batman, since it makes lovers of the comics nostalgic.

Now when it comes to the game’s settings, we are given a few options to choose from. While there is the typical master volume and music volume sliders, we get to choose our subtitle size (something I’ve never really seen before) as well as a large variety of resolutions to play with.


The majority of the game-play are dialogue choices and quick time events. These are the main driving force in all TellTale games. The choices you make, whether they’re physical actions or vocal responses, change the tempo of the story. Certain characters will respond and react to Bruce differently depending on what you choose to do as the player.

When you’re not making story choices, you’ll find yourself walking around with the ability to inspect things. A new mechanic has been added where you can link evidence together at crime scenes in an attempt to uncover what happened during said crime. While this is a cool addition, people who aren’t into fully exploring the environment may get annoyed. The links aren’t always obvious and require a bit of searching before the game allows you to move on.

I have heard rumors of numerous bugs within the first episode like voices not matching up with the characters mouths and such, but the only one I experienced was when I was first introduced to the Bat Cave. As Bruce you have the freedom to walk around a bit and explore. Whenever I looked at the codex on his computer, the files he has on everyone we’ve met so far, I found that I couldn’t back out. I tried for a good 10 minutes, pushing every button on my controller, but in the end I was forced to restart the section over again. Kind of annoying for a fully finished episode.

Voice Acting

Being a lover of anime, I got to hear a bunch of familiar voices throughout the game. Everyone did an incredible job with pulling off the jokes and giving these very well known characters a slightly new sound unique to the actors themselves.


We haven’t met too many in episode 1, mainly Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, Falcone and Cat Woman. Some of the fights that went down have players speculating at who may get involved later in the story, and honestly that will be the main reason I come back and continue to play. I want to see who they introduce and how they portray them.

The major complaint I’ve seen is that Bruce Wayne looks very similar to Archer, an animated character from a show of the same name. The two have similar physical qualities, but I think it’s the animation style that really points them out. Both are drawn very cartooney, making it incredibly easy to point fingers and such. I personally thing Bruce looks fine, but I’m also not a fan of Archer, so I guess my opinion is a bit biased.

That’s all I’ve got for today! If you would like to add to the conversation, please feel free to leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for reading!