There are 5 Grandmaster scavenger hunts throughout this DLC, but this blog will cover the location of the Manticore gear.

Our first stop is Lebioda’s Temple. Once you arrive and enter the temple, stop and prepare your sword with Specter oil and get Yrden ready. Enter the tomb and you will be met with a level 40 specter. Throw down Yrden and have at it.

After the battle, go over to the right and loot the skeleton. You will pick up the Great Beggars Journal as well as 3 of the 6 Manticore diagrams. Read the journal and a new map marker for Lebioda’s Cave will appear.

Before we go there though, let’s go to the Lake of Cleansing. Fast travel to the Basane Farm and run over to the lake North East of the signpost. Fight the bandits sitting on the shore and dive into the water. Use your witcher sense to find the red highlighted loot bag. Inside you’ll diagram #4 and some notes from Merten. Read the notes and get back to the fast travel post.

Our second to last destination is Gelenser Farm, Follow the map marker from there to the cave. Inside you’ll have to examine the notes hanging on the cave walls until you find Merten’s prayer. Read them to open up our final location: Bastoy Prison. Before leaving the cave, make sure you grab diagram 5.

The Bastoy Prison is in ruins. Upon arrival you’ll have to fight spirit panthers. When they’ve been defeated, climb up the tower towards the back of the ruins. Inside are skeletal remains. If you use your witcher sense, you’ll see a brick glowing red that’s sticking out of the wall. Examine it to find the last diagram and a journal. Read the journal to finish the quest.