Here are the locations of the 12 picture pieces that are scattered throughout the Forest level of NERO.


#1 – The first piece can be found to the left as soon as you start in this new area and behind a tree. (After the scene of your two characters crossing the bridge.)


#2 – When you reach the first puzzle of this area, go into the forest to the left. You’re going to have to walk a bit before you find the piece. It’s next to a glowing blue mushroom.


#3 – After passing the first puzzle and entering through the doors, you’ll come across a village. Climb up the first little set of stairs that you see to the left and follow the porch to the right. In between the houses is the third piece.


#4 – After the spinning floor puzzle next the village, you’ll see a giant stone wall with archways to the right. Go past it towards the waterfall to find this piece.


#5 – If you go all the way down the road through the village, you will eventually hit an iron bar gate with a button in front. Before doing this puzzle, go into the forest to the left and turn left again. You’ll find the fifth piece behind the houses.


#6 – Passed the giant clock puzzle and to the left is a knocked down brick tower/wall thing. If you go around and inside it you’ll the picture.


#7 – Going from the last piece, follow the road that leads from the clock puzzle and at the fork continue going straight. You will come across a pond with another puzzle in it. Go left into the forest for the piece.


#8 – As you follow the path you will see a giant tombstone puzzle. Directly behind the stone is #8.


#9 – Walk passed the tombstone puzzle and turn right into the forest. This one is a bit hard to find, so keep your eyes open.


#10 – After exiting the tree trunk that you must walk through to get across the ravine, go to the left. This piece is tucked away in the corner.


#11 – At the first fork in the road once you’ve entered the cemetery go right. It is in the doorway of a building in the back.


#12 – At the second fork in the cemetery go left. This last piece is in another house – looking thing.


That’s it! The trophy should pop signaling completion of this level’s collectibles. Thanks for reading!!!