NERO is a beautiful game with a heart wrenching story… and a collectable side quest. In each of the four story sections there is a picture you can put together by finding pieces scattered around the area. Below are the locations for each piece in the Cave level.

The Caves


#1 – The first piece can be found as soon as you begin your journey. There is a house to the right of the pier you begin on that you can go inside. The piece is there.


#2 – Piece number 2 is to the right of the first puzzle you encounter behind a tree.


#3 – The third is nearby the waterfall we encounter after solving the first puzzle. It’s to the right near some old tree roots.


#4 – In the area where you acquire your magic, you’ll find another piece on the right side of the hill when you first enter.


#5 – There is point where you have to make a choice about which path you’ll take to continue on. Before you get there, you can find your next piece on the right side in a little alcove.


#6 – If you choose the left path, you’ll find this next piece to the left under a rock arch. You have to walk through a puddle to get to it and it is after you cross over the wooden plank bridge.


#7 – In the area with all of the monkey statues, you can find this next piece to the right of the giant door we are trying to get through under another arch.


#8 – When you arrive in the dwarven ruins, (I don’t know if that’s what they really are, but that’s what they look like), you’ll see more houses that look like the ones at the beginning of the game. On one of them is purple text talking about ponds of fresh water. Walk onto the porch of that house and follow it around to a room you can enter. The piece will be there.


#9 – There is a ramp you have to walk down in a room filled with pillars. There is a puzzle you can do here if you want, but the picture piece is to the right of the ramp after you’ve walked down it completely.


#10 – On the rocky path leading off after the open room with the pillar puzzle you’ll see a dead tree. The next puzzle piece is just past it and to the right.


#11 – You will come to an area with a house that is surrounded by paintings. Climb to the second floor of it, the patio area, to find the piece.


#12 – The final picture piece can be found in the same area as the final door puzzle in the Caves section. You will see it if you go to the right of the door we are trying to enter and behind the boulder that is sitting there.