Recommended level – 35

While your wandering around Toussaint, a child will run up to you with a letter from Yennefer. She talks about a professor named Moreau and his research on Witcher mutations. Geralt decides to look into it.

In her letter, Yen tells us that the professor’s journal is what we need, and that it’s buried with him. Go to Orlemurs Cemetery and search the gravestones until you find the professors. It has been dug up and robbed, so use your witcher sense to investigate the grave and the footprints leading away from it. Follow the prints until Geralt loses the trail.

Examine the map Yen sent with her letter and travel to the Valley of the Nine. They are ruins underwater, so follow the marker on your map to find the right spot. Inside of the tower opposite of the cave underwater is a portal. Go through it and Geralt will appear in underground ruins, no longer underwater.

As you continue on you will come across spikes that shoot out of the floor. Jump over them and get to the next room. You will enter into a fight with a couple spectral panthers. Using Igni works well on them.

Eventually you will come across a burned out campfire. Next to it is a crossbow and the Professors journal. Read it to be ready for the puzzle that’s coming up. Once you climb the ledge you’ll have to fight another panther before you’re able to enter the room the professor’s journal mentioned.

I don’t know if there is a specific order you need to push the rocks in, but this one worked for me the first time (use a crossbow to hit the rocks).

  1. Stone directly behind rope
  2. Stone to the right of the locked door
  3. Stone in front rope hanging over hole in the floor
  4. Stone to the left of locked door

Once you’ve accessed the new room, go up to the first gargoyle and it will move. You must fight it (use Quen) to obtain its hand. Place the hand on the stone sitting next to the giant statue to activate a bunch of portals around the lab.

Now, you have to take the portals that the statue is facing. First jump into the one directly in front of the statue. You’ll pop out on the 2nd floor of a different room. Jump down to the first floor and cross the room to a ledge. Climb it and enter the portal this statue is facing. In the 3rd room, stay on the floor you appear on and run to the left. Jump over a gap and go into the portal on your current floor that the statue is facing.

When you finally get into the laboratory, go and find the two loose mega scope crystals before examining the mega scope itself. Watch all of the recordings to learn a bit more about the professor’s reasoning behind his intense research into mutations.

In a nearby jail cell, you’ll find a hole in the wall the Geralt can walk through. You will encounter pale widows which are white versions of the centipede monsters. Kill them and collect an egg from a nearby nest.

Return to the lab and place the egg into the back of the iron maiden looking machine. Geralt will say he should get in, but he needs to undress first. Take off all of his armor and weapons in the menu before having him enter the machine.

Watch the scene has played out, you can go into your Character screen in the menu and learn about the new mutation system you’ve just acquired.

When you’re ready to leave, cast Aard on the teleport crystal to reactivate it and take your leave!