The tournament is available once you’ve collected a full Skellige deck, since that’s the only deck you are allowed to use.

Spend some time looking over the deck if you’re not familiar with it, and when you’re ready head back over to the Pheasantry. Talk to the man in charge to start the games.

You can comment on the protestors for some more info if you’d like, but either way you’re pitted against your first opponent.

The first challenger uses a monster deck. The man will ask if you want to up the stakes by betting your weapons. If you choose to do so and you win, you will be given Blave, a sword that does 418 – 512 points of damage. Whatever you choose, you must win in order to continue on.

Your second opponent uses a Nilfgaard deck. Nothing new here, just play your best. Upon winning a fight breaks out.

You must knock out all of the dwarves to get them to listen to you. Geralt uses his fists, but the enemies aren’t very difficult to knock down. If you aren’t careful they may gang up on you, so make sure to dodge around often.

After the battle you are pitted against your 3rd opponent, the Tournament master. He is also playing a Skellige deck. Whomever wins this game must next battle one of the dwarves.

If you end up winning, a dwarf will challenge you to once and for all prove that Skellige doesn’t belong in Gwent. He’s playing a Scoia’tel deck and is VERY good with it. Play carefully.

If you manage to beat him, you are rewarded with a golden trophy that you can show off at your home.