Food Wars is back and I’m super excited!!! Season 2 picks up right where the first season left off, pushing us right into the beginning of the Fall Elections.


Episode 1 – What Fills The Box (Spoilers Ahead)

So far every episode has been a competition between 2 of the candidates that passed the preliminaries. First up is our favorite red head Soma against Erina’s cousin Alice.

The theme is bento, an interesting choice in a food competition, but neither Soma nor Alice were overly worried. The episode went along like normal, their friends spectating and flashing back to past events.

The judging is where it got interesting. Alice’s specialty is molecular gastronomy, making her dishes look quite unusual (if you remember the breakfast buffet and curry competitions from last season you’ll see what I mean) and that tends to help her win over whoever she’s cooking against.


As expected, her bento wasn’t traditional. It was beautiful and tasty if you listen to the judges. Everything pointed to her winning.

Then Soma comes in. Where Alice went odd, he went traditional. While the judges were impressed, it wasn’t until the secret compartment in the bento is opened that they make their decisions.


Yukihara took a page out of Alice’s book and used basic molecular gastronomy to make the sauce for his rice. Based on the judges reactions, it was hard to guess who would win.


Yukihara comes out on top and Alice is disqualified. She proceeds to cry as Soma thanks the judges.

I’m happy that Soma ended up winning, mainly because Alice irritates me. She doesn’t need any more reasons to be arrogant.

The next two up are Kurokiba Ryo against Megumi!