Go to Chuchote Cave and talk to Count Beledal. He will ask you to escort him while he ‘preserves’ wildlife. Agree and you will be given a map of where he wants to go. Read it to have map markers pop up in your mini map.

Th first area we come to has panthers. He asks that you don’t kill them, so cast Axii it and free it from the bear trap it has gotten caught in. He will ‘preserve’ you doing so.

Next we need to tame some Centipedes. Follow the map marker to where the bugs are moving around underground and find the proper spot for the Count to stand, (to the left on the hill). Go blow up one of their nests and run back up the hill before the monsters pop out of the ground. Beledal will preserve the images and you two will move on.

His final request is to find some peacocks. Follow their calls (they sound like cats meowing), and you’ll find a large group of the,. The Count wants to preserve them with their tails fanned, so cast Axxi on 3 of them so he can take his pictures.

While he’s doing his thing, Geralt will sense trouble coming. The centipede’s have followed you and are angry. Prep your sword with Insectoid Oil and have Yrden ready. Fight the bugs  (the Count will help you) and once their dead the two of you will head back to his camp